5 Amazing Apps That Will Make Your Summer Even Better

5 Apps That Will Make Your Summer Even Better

Summer is here and most of us are on holiday or have a holiday coming up. Whatever your plans are for this Summer, we all know these annoying moments that you are standing in a cute boutique in country X, see an item that you really want, don’t buy it the first time but have no time to go back,  and you have no clue where it is from or where to get it elsewhere.

Luckily we have mobile phones nowadays to help us out and make our lives better. So whether you are really desperate to know what the song is that they are playing in the club on Ibiza or you are in need of a good hair salon, these apps are here to help you out and will make your Summer holiday even better!

The Hunt: If you are not already using this app you need to start now. It is life changing! It’s very simple: You take a picture of an item you really want to know where it’s from, upload it to The hunt and users will find it for you – letting you know where it is from and where you can purchase it. This way you’ll finally know where the stylish lady you always see on the subway get’s her fabulous dresses from.

Pump up is like the Instagram for fitness freaks or people who just want to get motivated. You can share your food, workout basically anything fitness related and you’ll get motivational comments. It really helps you get out of bed and on your exercise schedule.

Shazam is a music related app that is truly genius. You know that feeling when you hear a song and instantly want to listen to it again but doesn’t know what it is called, we’ll Shazam just solved that problem for you. Shazam listens to songs for a few seconds and tells you the song name, artist and you can even purchase it directly from I-Tunes.

Around me is a redeemer for your feet and makes up on those hot summer days. Let’s say you are looking fro an ATM but clearly don’t want to run around the streets looking for one while sweating of your make up – use Around me it will show you all ATMs close to you and direction to get there. An ATM was just an example Around me shows whatever you’re searching for including restaurants, bathrooms, McDonalds, grocery stores – basically everything.

Dark Sky  will deliver precise alerts when rain or snow is about to start wherever you are. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, Dark Sky will know when you’re in the path of a storm. Never get stuck in the rain again.

By Benita Ilgenstein



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  1. I’m also loving the EWG’s Skin Deep app for finding safe summer beauty products!

  2. Have loved Shazam for months but Dark Sky is one I think I’ll be investing in!


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