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Imagine if every time you wanted to go out you had a team on hand to create your perfect beauty routine. Starting with the skincare and moving onto your super effortless makeup and hair, they’d diligently work until you were prepped and perfect before sending you out the door with a pat on the back and a quick spritz of your hair.

Such would be life if backstage beauty was a part of your every day. Luckily you don’t have to hire a team of experts to get you backstage ready, we got the secrets from Amanda Wakeley’s Autumn Winter 2016-17 show, so here’s how the models got glowing, healthy skin before they strutted the catwalk.



STEP 1. Cleansing Gel + Mask
The models had a custom Glow facial created by Oskia. They used a combination of one pump of OSKIA’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel and one spatula scoop of Renaissance Mask and applied this to the skin with stroking movements to get a fruit enzyme boost.

STEP 2. Massage
Never underestimate a good facial massage! Start at the jawline and make small circles with your thumbs, following up to the centre of your face and then towards your ears. Repeat four times until you reach the hairline. Next, use your ring finger to lift up your brows and stimulate the blood flow which helps you look young and youthful!

STEP 3. Compress
Next, the therapists used a warm compress to remove the mask and any surface dead skin cells. A cloth or compress is often better than a Muslin cloth as it’s a little more abrasive and can stimulate the skin. After this, they followed up with a cooling compress on the cheek, jawline, and forehead to give the skin a refreshing, energized feel.

STEP 4. Day Cream + Restoration Oil
The glow facial also included OSKIA’s Nutri-Active Day Cream and Restoration Oil (patted on top of the cheekbones as a natural highlighter) which prepared the skin for the makeup artist Polly Osmond.

STEP 5. “No Makeup Makeup”
Polly used Kevyn Aucoin products to create a really natural, fresh face. The look was healthy and radiant and easily achievable at home. Polly used products like Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation and The Guardian Angel Cream Highlighter combined with white and light eyeliner to make the eyes pop.


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