7 Bad Habits Successful Women Don’t Have


Let’s face it all of us have our own bad habits. But there are some habits you need to get rid of in order to become successful.

Breaking bad habits is obviously something all of us can benefit from, as by getting rid of your bad habits, you will not only remove the negative effects that they are having on your life, but you will also be doing something to change the direction your life is going in.

Here are seven common bad habits you need to get rid of.

#1 – Afraid To Think Outside The Box

It probably sounds cliché, but great change has always happened by thinking outside the box. the ability to think outside the box and be innovative can apply to projects on any scale and in any industry. Thinking outside the box, like any skill can be developed through practice. Check out this article for great tips

#2 – Put To Much On Your To-Do List (and Underestimating Your Tasks)

Story of our life: #careergirlconfession

Creating a to-do list for the entire week is necessary to get you going. But don’t get too excited. Putting ten things on your to-do list and then, three weeks later, never using it again because the number of uncompleted tasks on there is simply too frightening. Read our popular article about creating the ultimate to-do list.

#3 – Constantly Checking Social Media Accounts

Nothing wastes more of you time then going through all your social media feeds. While there’s nothing wrong with staying connected with the world, obsessively checking for updates seriously reduces time spent on real tasks.

#4 – Working With Multiple Browser Tabs Open

Having too many open tabs is an unproductive practice you should stop immediately Open enough browser tabs and it doesn’t matter whether you’re running Chrome or Firefox, your system is going to slow down and makes you less productive all together.

#5 Sacrificing Sleep

Successful people don’t sacrifice their sleep. Try using Sleep Cycle to track the quality of your sleep. By looking at Sleep Cycle’s graphs, you can figure out how much rest is enough for you.

#6 – Being jealous

Don’t be jealous – but learn from your colleagues and competitors. If you’re wondering why all the attention is going to your new co-worker instead of you, find ways to support and celebrate that person. Don’t pout in a corner.

#7 – Fear of rejection or failure

Failure is the best teacher. When we fail we have the opportunity to learn. To fail is normal. If you want to create the life and career success you want and deserve, you have to have to courage to do things that might result in failure, criticism or rejection.

  1. #4 is all me. Even right now, I have about 15 tabs open. No joke. And that’s all the time haha But I use them as reminders to get other things done. When I’m done with a tab, I close it and move onto the next one. Unless Facebook is a tab, this system usually works for me.

  2. Great tips! I have the bad habit of always running my programs 24/7 and have way too many tabs open in my browser. Something I will work on reducing! I also check my social media a lot, I can’t help it, I’m addicted.

  3. Numbers 4 and 7 are totally me. Mt friends always get onto me for having a billion tabs open. I definitely need to work on both of those! Thanks for the article.

  4. Love this! I definitely have bad habits that I need to break, it’s good to be reminded sometimes. Thanks for posting!

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