5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas


Thanksgiving is always a great time to get together and celebrate. Inviting friends, family, and neighbors to your house doesn’t have to be a stress. Take some tips from these beautiful table setting ideas and take your Thanksgiving spread to the next level!


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Get Themed Plates

To really tie your dinner table together you can get some themed plates for your courses. You can easily match up some vintage finds, or go out of your way to buy really beautiful pieces. Your guests will definitely be impressed.


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Seasonal Flowers

Your centerpiece doesn’t have to be extravagant, some seasonal flowers surrounded by candles is enough to instantly make your table look amazing. Just make sure the flowers match your table arrangement, take into consideration your table cloth and the shades of your plates.


Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Mix Metallics With Black Or White

Don’t feel like you have to do things traditionally. You can mix up seasonal metallics like copper, gold and rose gold with black or white plates and a floral arrangement that uses mostly green tones. The only traditional thing should be your knife and fork order. It just looks more presentable when you lay everything out.


Courtesy of Homey Oh My!

A Dash Of Color

If you prefer an all-white arrangement, it’s a good idea to offset the white with a dash of color somewhere. The gold candlesticks bring dimension to the table and make the white look crisper and cleaner. Just be aware, people will spill things on your tablecloth.


Courtesy of Rose & Ivy

Gold Detailing

For a luxuriously (and effortlessly) chic table look for dinnerwear that has a gold rim and detailing. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but interesting shapes and bright, polished gold tones can really lift a table. You can also use a dark tablecloth for this look, so you don’t have to worry about stains.




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