5 New Beauty Apps You Need To Try Right Now

For those of you that love makeup or just need makeup tips every now again, below are five amazing beauty apps that will help you achieve effortless beauty on the go

1. Modiface

This app allows you to upload your own picture and try out different makeup products such as various shades of lipstick and eye shadows, you can even adjust your hair colour to see how it would look on you! Gone are the days of trial and error.

Available for iPhone, Android and Windows.

2. Skin Better

This app tops my list! This is a skin analysis app that uses a dermatologist grade scanning technology to identify any facial skin issues you may have such as dark spots, acne etc. The app will then recommend the products that treat these issues. How cool is that? It even gives you the opportunity to purchase the products on the spot!

Available for iPhone & Android 

3. Beauty Me

Beauty me uses your Facebook pictures to give you a breakdown about your skin. The app suggests the type of foundation you should use, what colour, how well you’re ageing and general skin info. It even works for hair.

Available on iPhone

4 Beautylish

This app is all about beauty products and trends built within a community of other passionate makeup junkies. You can share questions about products you are interested in, watch tutorials and connect with other makeup geeks.

Available on iPhone and Android

5. Pretty in my pocket

This app is the best if you are not up for trial and error and spending cash unnecessarily. Pretty in my pocket allows you to scan barcodes and get reviews before you decide on buying the product.

The app also gives you tutorials on how to use the products you decide to buy, you may even be lucky enough to grab a coupon for beauty products. I have too many products at home that I wish I read reviews about beforehand, pretty in my pocket will put a stop to that.

Do you have any beauty apps you’d recommend?

Written by Elizabeth Akanbi




  1. It’s not an app but Paula’s Choice and her site Beautypedia is awesome. She gives really honest and detailed product reviews

  2. Definitely trying Skin better and Beauty Me.
    I’m really big on taking care of my skin.

    Thanks for this!


  3. Interesting round-up! It seems nowadays you don’t have to spend countless hours in front of the mirror while searching for the perfect shade of lipstick, there’s an app for that.

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