5 Beauty Habits You Should Have At Night To Wake Up With Better Skin

beauty tips before sleeping

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Waking up in the morning is tough. How many times have we turned up a little late because we didn’t have enough time to curl our hair and apply our foundation? That’s why you need someto do all that skincare prep at night, so you can wake up looking glowing in the morning.  Lord knows I need to do most of the hard work while I sleep, so when I wake up I don’t look so frazzled. Here are our favorite beauty tips before sleeping

1. Facial Oils

What?: Facial Oils are the key to maintaining hydrated, radiant skin. Despite what you may think, face oils are beneficial for all skin types (yes even you oily skinned girls!), and hydrating your skin can actually help to keep oiliness in check and breakouts at bay.

Products to try: Clarins have you covered whatever your skin type – the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is perfect for dehydrated complexions, whereas the Lotus Face Treatment Oil is light enough for use on oily or combination skin.

2. Facial Rolling

What?: Facial rolling is the latest technique to come over from the Korean beauty industry and is a wonderful way to inject some life into your skin as well as help you wind down in the evening.

Product to try: The Small Jade Facial Roller by Yu Ling Rollers feels refreshing and cooling on the skin, making it perfect for groggy mornings too. Use it to massage in your night cream, starting at the center of your face and working outwards to wave goodbye to puffy morning skin. 

3. A Hand and Nail Treatment

What: You’re not using your hands for anything while you sleep so it’s the perfect time to use a treatment and wake up with those salon perfect nails. This is also great for all the girls who love gel manicures, it’ll undo any damage to nails that you’ve got.

Product to try: An all in one treatment like the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment is the perfect solution to dry hands and lackluster nails, ensuring your hands look polished and professional at all times.

4. Silk Pillowcases

What?: Tired of waking up with frizzy, less than perfect hair? Speed up your morning routine by investing in a set of silk pillowcases, which help to keep your hair smooth and free of flyaways overnight.

Product to try: The Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase contains Copper Oxide and boasts additional skin benefits, promising to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and smoothness.

5. Beauty Drinks

What?: Beauty drinks are concentrated liquids containing skin boosting ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Glutathione to help beautify your skin from the inside out.

Product to try: Fountain offers an extensive range of drinks suitable for every skin issue. Take a 10 ml dose each evening to supplement your evening routine with all the nutrients your skin needs to look and feel great.



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  1. I love posts like these! I’ve recently become obsessed with skin care, more than any other part of my beauty routine, so I will definitely start doing more of these! (facial rolling sounds heavenly) Great article!!

    XX -Kaylee

  2. Kaylee–how very French of you:

    I am hooked on the Fountain drinks and silk pillowcases!

  3. I always use facial oils in both my morning and evening skincare routine! I feel like they make such a difference to your skin.

  4. I’m always up for anything that gives me extra time in bed :)


  5. I’m a big fan of facial oils – all in all; These are fantastic tips! Thank you:)


  6. I’ve never used facial oils because I’ve been scared that they’re going to cause spots because I have combination skin anyway. But now you’ve said it’s beneficial to all skin types, I might give it a try!
    Cloe X https://clxelouise.blogspot.com

  7. Never heard of pillowcases with copper oxide! Thanks for this informative article!


  8. The simplest beauty drink? Spa water. So easy: 1 lemon sliced, a handful of mint leaves and a Kirby cucumber in a gallon of water. Chill overnight and enjoy for ~2 days the morning after.

    Lil xx https://lilgripes.com/

  9. I love facial oils! They make my skin feel so nice and silky! Great post!

  10. I’ve always struggled with acne and sensitive skin. A few years ago I started using moisturizing oils (like argan/olive/rose) instead of prescription acne creams and it completely changed my skin. Definitely worth a try!

  11. Facial oils are the best. And I’m dying to get a silk pillowcase, I heard it helps slow down the appearance of wrinkles!

    Diana | thechicdiary.com

  12. Great tips! I added a few to my to buy list.


  13. I usually moisturize my hands with cocoa vaseline and my feet too. I wake up with soft hands and feet in the morning =o)


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