5 Beauty Secrets Of Women With Perfect Skin


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Everybody knows someone who has perfect skin. And we always want to know their secrets. How do you get such glowy, flawless skin without regular facials taking off the top layer of your skin? We rounded up a couple of girls with flawless faces in the office and put them on the spot. WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS? TELL US!


Cleanse in the morning and evening:

“Ok, I never used to cleanse. Shocking confession of the week. But cleansing both morning and evening is essential to maintaining perfect skin. I use Simple Micellar Water at the moment, it’s just the best for easily irritated skin.”

Start drinking more water:

Drink water! Aim to drink about two litres a day, it may seem a lot, but your skin will thank you for it. If you find it difficult remember, invest in a reusable water bottle like the BKR – and never part from it!”

Try a facial massage:

“I don’t get many spots since I’ve been following the SUQQU Gankin Massage sheet. I usually massage my moisturizer in this way. The best thing about it, besides giving you a glowing face, is that it gives me cheekbones. Natural contour for the win!”

Get your fish oil:

“I actually think my skin has improved since taking more supplements. Taking fish oil supplements is beneficial to your whole body, improving heart health and brain function. I never knew how good they were, but they reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin from within.”

Try Retinol:

One of my own tips! You need to know about Retinol, a form of Vitamin A. A powerful anti ageing ingredient, Retinol has actually be proven the reverse the signs of ageing, and is amazing at fighting off acne too! However, it can be drying to the skin, so look for a hydrating formula like Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil.


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  • Lauren Espino

    I’d love to try out and look into fish oil supplements and Retinol!

    Lauren Espino

  • Elishia Chave

    I’m really lucky to never get spots but my biggest issue is the bags under my eyes and blotchy skin! Fingers crossed some of these will work… maybe more sleep is needed too?!


  • Emma

    I try to take the best possible care of my skin that I can! Thanks for the idea about the fish oil, definitely going to look into it!!


  • Camille Beygui

    Great tips

  • Cristina

    I barely manage to cleanse in the evening. I think I should cleanse in the morning with micellar water, since I’m too lazy to wake up earlier to cleanse like a pro.


  • clxelouise

    I’m suffering with such bad acne at the moment which is affecting my confidence levels. These tips are definitely helpful!
    Cloe X Cloe X clxelouise.blogspot.com

  • YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

    I’m already drinking a ton of water – up to 3 litres a day on average – but will look into fish oil. Thanks for the tips!

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