The 5 Beauty Treatments You Can Do In Your Lunch Break

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It can often be challenging to maintain a work/life balance, and whilst some of us dream of spending days in a luxury hotel spa being preened and pampered; in reality most of us don’t have the time to fit in a spa break during a busy nine-to-five working week. Long hours can take its toll so what better way to relax than by enjoying a mini pamper session to leave you feeling restored and refreshed during the week. With these 5 beauty treatments, there’s no need to spend hours at the spa as you can fit these speedy treatments into a busy work schedule to help you reclaim your lunch hour.

1. Facial

There’s no better way to maintain flawless looking skin than getting regular facials as they cleanse, restore and purify the face whilst targeting specific skin issues, such as, acne and aging. Dermatologist and founder of skincare brand, Zelens, Dr. Marko Lens, argues that facials are extremely important, “A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply can’t at home.”

If you work in London and don’t have time to spend hours having a relaxing facial, then look no further than Askinology, the UK’s first luxury facial and makeup bar. Designed by Dr Askari Townshend, this new boutique facial bar offers no-nonsense facials lasting under an hour meaning you still have time to enjoy your lunch break.

After the treatment, you can move onto the makeup bar where you can replace your own makeup or have it down professionally using mineral makeup, perfect for post treatment skin, meaning you can return to the office looking super flawless and refreshed.

2. Manicure

Not only is a manicure a great way to sit and enjoy some rest during a busy day in the office, but well-maintained nails are the perfect way to complete a professional appearance at work. When scheduling the treatment at your local salon, make sure to skip the spa manicure as these could include extras such as, a hot towel wrap, arm and hand massage and aromatherapy, which you probably won’t have time for during your lunch hour. Instead, opt for an express manicure, so your nails will be salon perfect in just under half an hour.

If you want a full treatment then a matching pedicure is perfect to complete the look, however it’s unlikely that flip flops are part of the office dress code, so pick a basic or express pedicure to ensure that you’re done in less than an hour.

3. Massage

If you’re looking for a treatment to help you relax during a stressful day in the office, then a massage may be crucial to restore your mind, body and spirit. Beauty treatments are not just about what you look like on the outside, but how we feel on the inside as well, which is why de-stressing during a massage can be so important.

Depending on the length of your lunch break, you can schedule a 30 or 60 minute appointment, and it’s worth doing your research before you go as there are a variety of techniques to try. Swedish Body massage is one of the most popular as it uses different types of touch and pressure applied to the skin and underlying tissues to help relieve muscular tension and stress. Alternatively you can try an Aromatherapy massage which uses highly concentrated essential oils added to the massage oil. These oils are absorbed through the skin and each have a variety of different healing properties, leaving you feeling soothed and relaxed; making a massage an ideal escape in the middle of your working day.

4. LVL Lashes

Have you ever wanted long, fluttery lashes but without any of the hassle of falsies? Forget eyelash extensions because it’s all about the newest beauty treatment that has everyone talking, LVL Lashes.

The lash treatment is an incredible alternative to lash extensions, combining a lash perming technique and a tint to create fuller, longer lashes that last for up to six weeks. Instead of curling the lashes, the LVL gel formulation straightens the lashes from the root, creating length, volume and lift. The treatment already has a loyal following from celebrities and beauty experts, and with the treatment lasting about 45 minutes, there’s no better way to spend your lunch break.

5. Spray tan

If you’re sat at your desk dreaming of your bronzed summer tan from your tropical holiday that faded some weeks ago, then a spray tan may be the solution to beat your holiday blues.

Spray tanning is not only safe, but quick too as you can have a full body spray tan in around 15 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your lunch break. You can return to the office basking in that summer glow you’re not willing to give up, just yet.

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  1. I love to go to the salon during my lunch break. I usually just get a manicure because it is quick and I get to sit down. I want to say that I go about every month. It really helps to just get away from the office and go take care of my nails at the beauty salon.

  2. I love making manicure at the salon, but now I try to include the spa procedures as well. First I’ve experienced this kind of service at It was an unforgettable pleasure! My hands and nails felt perfect after it.

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