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Top 5 Reasons You Should Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Need an extra motivation boosts to keep living the healthy lifestyle? Keep reading! This Career Girl Challenge makes us life the healthy lifestyle. We said goodbye to our favorite junk foods and created healthy new ones, exercised every day and took a day of rest where necessary. It is still a challenge every day, but a very good and healthy one.




Living the healthy lifestyle can be difficult sometimes. Especially, when you have very busy days, where a quick take-out, burger on the way or processed foods are an easier and often cheaper option than cooking some fresh and organic meal.

There are, however, great benefits that come with keeping up your healthy lifestyle and today we give you 5 out of that very long list:

#1 – Boosts your energy

No need for RedBull or other toxic stimulating drinks, all you need is healthy foods. It boosts your energy level and will allow you to get more done in a day. Working out on a daily basis also will increase your energy and reduces fatigue.

#2 – Improves mood

Healthy people are happy people! Keeping up your healthy lifestyle will improve your mood. Working out stimulates the brain chemicals that often make you happier and more relaxed. We all that feeling you get when you are done with a workout.

#3 – Healthy Weight

Lifestyle choices like not (or quit) smoking, reducing alcohol and having a balanced food pattern with lots of fruits and vegetables, and regular exercise will lead to a healthy weight and avoid excess weight gain.

#4 – Better mental health

We often forget that your mental health also depends on your lifestyle choices. Eating well, exercising and getting enough rest are crucial for a healthy mind and will sharpen your memory, increase your mood and can help defend against depression.

#5 – Prevents diseases

Your healthy lifestyle can prevent certain health conditions, which is definitely one of the lifetime benefits that come with living this lifestyle. It can be very difficult to undo your ‘bad’ eating and lifestyle choices, therefore, maintaining it or starting it NOW, will be one of the best choices for yourself that you have every made.




  • Lie with your face down on your stomach with your arms out in front of you and the legs extended behind you
  • In one movement lift your arms and legs up towards the ceiling making a U shape
  • Make sure that you do not lock out the limbs and keep the core as still as possible
  • Hold for 2-5 seconds and lower back down


  • Start by getting into the plank position but make sure the elbows are bent and your weight is resting on the forearms
  • Your body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles
  • Engage the core by contracting your abs
  • Jump your feet out to the sides as if you were performing a jumping jack but keep the upper body still
  • Return the feet to the starting position and repeat 200x


Credit: Health Line – Live Strong

Featured image: Istock


  1. Lucija says

    I’d add #6 – Gives Confidence. Seeing through weeks how you get better at exercises you couldn’t do, not almost fainting at the top of the stairs, just knowing that you did something good for you and your body is a major confidence boost. You start to crave more, challenge yourself just to see how much better you can get.
    Exercising is awesome. :D


  2. Samantha says

    I definitely helps me feel better about myself and workout some extra stress when I exercise. It’s hard to always find the time, but the way you feel after is worth pushing yourself!

    Blue Eyed Adventurer

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