5 Apps That Will Take Your Organization To The Next Level

Talisa Sutton


Let’s talk about apps. I know we’re all obsessed with our phones, and it’s always a good idea to take your phone to the next level and really make it into a productivity tool. I consider my phone to be a mini computer that I take everywhere with me. I’m always looking for the best apps for organization, because with my phone I can conquer the world. I can shoot off emails in the blink of an eye, I can find out where I am if I’m ever lost, and I can use it to get sh*t done.

I’m definitely a collector of apps, so here are a few you seriously need to download!


If you’re an Instagram addict like me, then you’ll want to know about this app. Planoly will help you plan out how you want your Instagram feed to look and even schedule posts well before you post them. It’s really handy if you want to get organized with your Insta-posts and you want to make sure that it looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.

If you upgrade your free account, you can even view the analytics of your Instagram; what are your top posts? How many followers have you gained? These tools will be especially useful if your Instagram is a business platform, but if you just want to get your Instagram organized, it’s brilliant too!


If you struggle to stay on task during the day 30/30 will seriously help you get ahead of the game. This is the first timer app we’ve used that’s actually simple and pretty. Add a task, give it a color and a timer and then press go. Your time runs up and you then need to move on to the next task. Similar to the Pomodoro method, knowing you only have 30 minutes to dedicate to one thing before moving on to the next one gives a sense of pressure and will help you get things done.


IFTT (If This Then That) seemed a bit complex to me. It’s a free app that makes sure all your apps and devices are ‘talking to each other’ but actually it’ll turn your phone into one supercomputer. With this app, you can do anything from turning on the porch lights when your pizza guy has arrived to tracking your Fitbit exercises with a spreadsheet.


Do you need a personal assistant in your life? Don’t we all. 24me keeps all your notes, calendars, to-do lists, birthday reminders and more right on hand. But it will also tell you when to leave to get there on time, and pay your bills for you! Genius.


Maybe you prefer a simple to-do app. Todoist helps you prioritize every task in your life by color coding and rescheduling. You can share projects and lists with friends or co-workers and set weekly and monthly goals, which makes this app a winner for everyone who just loves a smart, simple layout to their workday. The app is distraction free and can easily schedule things for you and understand your language, you can also track your progress and visualize how you’re doing over time.

Which organization apps do you love? Share them with us in the comments below…



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  1. I’m not big on apps preferring old school diaries, notebooks etc but I have just downloaded Planoly and 30/30 and am really looking forward to using them to become better organised. I find your blog posts to be inspiring. Thank you xo

  2. Definitely checking out Planoly and 30/30. I typically write everything down in notebooks or planners to stay organized but it gets annoying having to transport them everywhere I go.

    Turquoise and Chaos

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