The 5 Best Shows on Netflix At The Moment

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Spring may be upon us, but the night times still bring a chilly temperature that makes those duvet days seem so inviting. With only a little bit of time left before the season changes, we need to make the most of our beloved Netflix Marathons before we’re whisked away with the summer sunshine.

Spent most of your winter this way? I know I have, which it makes it harder when it comes to choosing something worth staying in bed for. So, if you’re struggling to find something that will pull you into a new addiction, here are the five best shows on Netflix right now:

The OA

We can’t wait any longer for the continuation of Stranger Things, so if you liked this series, you will love the OA. Why? Because if it’s possible, it’s even weirder. Telling the story of Marling, a blind woman who returns after disappearing for many years. And the restoration of her sight has given her a whole new chilling vision.

The Crown

Are you still longing for Downtown Abbey to grace your screens once again? Then this might be the fix that you need. Taking a look at one of the world’s most famous families, The Royals are the subject matter of this series. Revealing the romance behind Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, it’s a perfect harmony to escape your everyday reality. And it’s addictively gripping too!

Black Mirror

Telling a dark, dystopian tale, Black Mirror offers you several standalone episodes that are bound to make your mind whirl. Some of the story lines follow so close to reality, and it opens your eyes possibilities and the horrors that come with this. It’s the ultimate mix of chilling and thought-provoking, but, be warned, you may never look at technology the same again.

Jessica Jones

As a Career Girl, the chances are you have found yourself dreaming of being a superwoman with detective powers (a girl can dream!). Well, Jessica Jones is exactly that. The catch? She has a lot of super issues with the super-powers. At least it makes her more relatable! Plus, this show stars a very talented David Tennant, so it’s perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Broadchurch!


Drama, drugs, and death. This action-packed series is well-worth the watch. It’s the perfect balance of action and plot, it follows Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar and some of the things that happened throughout his life. It will keep you hooked and you empathize with characters in the unlikeliest of places. Addictive!



Which Netflix series is keeping you chained to the TV? 

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  • Lottie Gibbons

    I’ve just added black mirror to my list!

  • Natalie Harney

    I’ve been in need of some new TV – I can’t believe I haven’t seen The Crown yet it’s right up my street

    – Natalie

  • Arden Moore

    I love love love Black Mirror. Oh my god.

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  • Laura Mareno

    black mirror is so so good!! I’m obsessed! and I really want to start watching The Crown! kisses:D

  • Adushka

    I love Narcos! But the Black Mirror looks really good, I think I should definitely check that out!

    Lost in Denmark

  • Akanksha Padhi

    I am hooked to The Crown and Narcos, gonna check out the others too.


  • Isabel

    Chef’s Table for sure should have made the list! But the Crown is also perfection