5 Business Tips The CGD team Learned The Past Year

Featured Photo: Rong Rong

This past year was a chaotic, stressful but very meaningful, fun and instructive year for the CGD Team. We started Career Girl Daily at the end of January and never dreamed that we would come this far by the end of 2015.

So, we laughed, we cried, worked very hard, but most certainly grew and learned a lot as a team and individuals. Now the year has almost come to an end (only 4 weeks till Christmas!!!), so we wanted to share some of our business tips with you:

#1 Planning is everything

I think everyone in the CGD team owns at least 3 planners and has post-its everywhere, because planning is everything! If you don’t want to lose yourself in all the work you need to do you need to plan and make visible for yourself what you need to do and work from there. It saves you so much stress and headache.

#2 You can’t do everything yourself

Unless you want a burnout and become really stressed, it is never wise to try to do everything yourself. Acknowledging that, is the first step in this process. Then you need to identify what kind of help you need and find the right person for that.

#3 Everyone has their own talent

Use them! When you build your team, take people on board with different talents. This way, you will make a strong team where everyone brings in something different and useful to the table. It might be hard to accept that others are better in certain things, but always think what would benefit your business or work more.

#4 Know your companies worth

People will always try to get as much as possible out of you for as little as possible. We experienced first hand, people will compliment you with your business, would love to work with you, but often for as little as possible, while you know you are worth much more. You need to know what you’re worth in order to know whether they are offering too little for your services. They will always try, so you need to know your business from the inside-out in order to negotiate.

#5 Don’t be afraid to say no

Not every offer you get will be a match, and even though you can make a lot of money out of it, it might not always be wise to accept an offer that doesn’t compliment your brand. At the end of the day, you want to build a certain brand and reputation for your company, which means, you need to make decisions based on the brand and reputation you want to build. You might miss out on some well-paid deals in the beginning, but know your end goal and always stay focussed.

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