5 Career Girls That Are Making Millions Way Before They Are 25

Girls who followed their dreams and made a huge success out of it, we love reading about them!

When these girls are way younger than me, I love it even more. Their passion and motivation is so inspiring and when people around them told them they were too young, they still continued and with amazing results!

A ‘can do’ attitude is what all these girls have in common. They are the living prove that you can be successful at any age! Get inspired by these 6 wonderful young girls!

#1 – Ashley Qualls

Founder of WhateverLife.com started when she was only 14! Ashley designed the website to provide people her age with free MySpace layouts and HTML tutorials. The site is fully supported by selling advertisement possibilities and this young entrepreneur had to turn several buying offers down (including a 1.5 million + car of choice offer). She employed her mother and friends from school and her website has nowadays 60 million visitors per month!

#2 – Juliath Brindak

Another Career Girl who started really young. At the age of 10 she started to create sketched characters and at 16 she started Social Media platform Miss O & Friends. Nowadays her company is worth 15 million US dollars and she makes the most revenue from advertisements.

#3 – Maddie Bradshaw

It must be in the name! Bradshaw followed her dreams and started her own jewelry line M3 Girl Design. This inspiring young lady earned 1.6 million in her first year and now has 30 employees working for her. From soda bottle tops she makes the most artistic jewelries and she also wrote a book ‘You Can Start A Business Too’ for inspiring young entrepreneurs to take an initiative to start their own business.

#4 – Diane Keng

This 22 year old already runs 3 businesses and is absolutely unstoppable! She is the co-founder of MyWEBoo, an online platform that help you to manage your online persona, her second business helps companies to figure out how to market teenagers and she also owns a T-shirt company! Being busy just got a whole new meaning!

#5 – Julianne Goldmark & Emily Madson

Ever thought you can get business ideas from watching Gossip Girl? These two girls sure did! They did not have money to buy good hair accessories from which you can make Gossip Girl worthy hairstyle, so they started a hair accessory business for Gossip Girl hairstyles without Gossip Girl prices. Their business took really off when they used famous people in their network and nowadays they make about 10 million dollars per year.

Which powerful success story is your inspiration? Share it with us and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

  1. This is such an inspirational post! You really never know what kind of product could take off and these ladies worked hard to make their dreams happen. Thanks for sharing! :)

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