5 Career Girl Tips That Will Change Your Life

Here at CGD, we’re constantly learning new things. We’ve covered everything from career improvement to how to make friends, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the advice. The year is coming to an end soon (how scary is that!), not that we’re wishing our lives away but we’re pretty sure Christmas is going to sneak up on us out of nowhere. With that in mind, we narrowed it down to 5 pieces of advice we learned (and loved!) this year that changed our lives, and will change yours too!

#1 Don’t expect others to help you out

It’s so nice when someone lends a helping hand, becomes your mentor or gives you advice that gets you to where you need to be, but don’t expect others to want to help you on the path to your dreams. The problem with expecting help on your way to the top is that you will be disappointed often, and you might even feel like you don’t have to push yourself because someone will come along and help you out. It’s best to accept any help with gratitude, but don’t expect it.

#2 Focus on positive things every day

When you go to bed at night, try to hold on to at least 3 positive things that happened that day. Trust us, it makes a hell of a difference to the way you wake up in the morning, plus it reminds you that things aren’t as bad as they seem. This also ties in with visualising your goals, as long as you get them out into the Universe, they’ll seem real, and you can keep them in mind.

#3 It’s ok to admit when people bring out the worst in you

There are people in life who will bring out the worst in you. Whether you get angry around them or they encourage you to be bitchy and negative, you will see a side of yourself that you don’t like and it’s ok to recognise that. They could be your best friend in the world or your worst enemy in the office, but what’s important to acknowledge is that they don’t actually affect how you act, that’s all you. You can overcome or embrace this side of yourself, it’s up to you.

#4 Failure is an opportunity

We say this a lot here at CGD, but failure is just the start of your journey to where you need to be. So many successful people failed at things, because they were brave enough to try. If you fear failure, you will never be on the path to success, so just try it out and embrace the risk.

#5 Job interviews aren’t just for the employer

Treat a job interview as a chance to see if you can see yourself working in the company. Sure, they’re asking you questions and trying to work out if you’re a great fit for them, but you should also do the same. After your interview, assess whether the company is the right fit for you. If you’ve done enough research you should know a lot about the company’s culture, so don’t be afraid to ask a few questions yourself to determine whether it’s right for you. If you’re unsuccessful, you can always keep in mind that the company wasn’t the right place for you.