Career Talk: 5 Interesting Lessons We’ve Learned From Jennifer Aniston Movies


Seriously, who doesn’t love Jennifer Aniston? She is a gorgeous Hollywood movie star, yet there is something totally relatable about her. You may not have realised but some of the movies she’s starred in provide some really interesting career lessons.

#1 The Breakup

Probably one of her most famous movies, Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) and Gary (Vince Vaughn) go through a really horrific breakup. What is interesting is that Jennifer’s character needed a little time out from work to cope with the situation, and happily took it to get through her difficult situation. Us career girls are ambitious and determined so can be super reluctant to take time off. However sometimes we just need a few days to reset and recharge. Don’t be afraid to take time out when it is needed.

#2 Friends with Money

In this film Jen plays Olivia, a woman whose circle of girlfriends are financially very comfortable while she is struggling to get by. Olivia finds this obvious gap in lifestyle tough to deal with, and we can take some tips from the way she deals with this and overcomes financial difficulties. We know money is important, but it’s not everything. Happiness and career satisfaction should be top of our priority list.

#3 Picture Perfect

In this movie Jen’s career driven character Kate Mosley is passed over for promotion because of her relationship status. Her boss wants is more inclined to promote married people, while Kate is single. She ends up faking a marriage in order to get the promotion, which we wouldn’t recommend, but the take home message here is not to feel pressure to conform to the values and ideals of others. It’s important to stay strong. Ideally promotion should be based on talent and merit alone.

#4 Marley and Me

This popular (and devastating) film about an absolutely gorgeous Labrador stars Jennifer as Jenny Grogan, and the film chronicles her life with her husband, dogs, career and kids. In one poignant scene she is exhausted, struggling to keep everything together and decides to make changes. This confirms the importance of switching off after a tough day at the office. It is tempting to stay late at work, or access emails from home. However this is a bad idea, a well rested mind will be sharper and on top of things for the following day. The take home message too, is that family is important and career isn’t everything.

#5 Wanderlust

Jennifer plays Linda, a documentary maker convinced her work  is going to be a huge success. Unfortunately it falls flat and she and her husband hit hard times. For us career girls it is important to hope for the best but be prepared for difficulties. Success requires hard work, discipline and dedication. Getting to the top is the ultimate goal but the road may be a little bumpy. Ensuring you are aware of potential problems can make the ride a lot smoother.

By Catherine Murphy


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  • danielle

    I love Jennifer Aniston and all the films she has taken part in! I need to check out Wanderlust x

  • Laura Mareno

    Marley and me is one of my favorites movies!! It’s so beautiful!! And I think I must have a look on the others, they look so good:) kisses!

  • Noushin

    All the best Jen!

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