5 Charcoal Beauty Products You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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Over 92% of the world’s population is exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution. Whilst your lungs are the primary victims, these toxins aren’t doing your skin any favors. Additionally, those particles can get trapped in your pores resulting in blemishes! Charcoal products are suddenly very in trend, with people turning to them for teeth whitening to face masks.  So we thought we’d give these products a go and see which are the best.

1. A mask you should do once a week

Origins ‘clear improvement’ active charcoal pore clearing mask available here.

A personal favorite of mine. This mask helps to scrub away any dirt and pollutants that your skin faces every day. So if you feel like your skin looks dull and all your pores are jammed up, why not give this mask a go! The activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out all the dirt from your pores, whilst the white china clay absorbs any environmental pollutants and the lecithin dissolve impurities! Buy it here.

2. My favorite cleanser before events

Erno Lazlo Detoxifying Cleansing Oil available here.

This lightweight oil will help to both deeply cleanse and balance. Perfect for helping to remove makeup but also reduce the appearance of pores. If you’re still dreaming of perfectly balanced skin look no further than this cleansing oil. Eliminating toxins but without the tight feeling of other, harsher cleansers. I love this one for a complete detox before an event, the fast acting agent will turn the product from black to white to show you the formula working its magic. Buy it here.

3. An oil for super thick hair

Briogeo Scalp Revival Treatment available here.

Looking after your scalp is key to having healthy and luxurious hair. So step up your hair care game by trying this charcoal scalp treatment. This product will balance and detoxify your scalp, meaning your hair will be thicker and less weighed down! It will stop dandruff, normalize your oil balance and give your hair a healthy shine if nothing else is working. This product will work on all hair types, so why not buy it here.

4. Makeup brushes that make your skin look incredible

Charcoal Antibacterial Brush Set available here.

Now your skin is fresh and vibrant, you want to make sure you are applying your makeup with a clean set of brushes. So no bacteria is being pushed onto your skin. But seventy-two percent of women admit to never cleaning their makeup products! The dangers of this include acne, but also viral, fungal and bacterial infections! Including conjunctivitis and staph infection! But cleaning all your makeup brushes can be time-consuming so why not save time with some anti-bacterial charcoal infused makeup brushes? Buy them here.

5. The best cleanser for girls on-the-go

Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment available here.

If you ever find yourself on-the-go, running from desk to the gym and back home, on a road trip or camping, you need a cleanser that fits in your handbag and isn’t messy. This cleansing stick is perfect for pores and dirt, it’s infused with charcoal and artichoke leaf extract so it’s perfect for any skin type and will absorb toxins and impurities for a healthy complexion. Buy it here.

So why not give some of these products a go, or if you have any personal favorite charcoal products make sure to let us know in the comments below!


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  • dreamofadventures

    I have the origins face mask and love it! =o)


  • daphne siy

    Origins forever!!!