#TGIF: 5 Cocktails You’ve Never Tried

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The saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and although we at CGD are not here to dispute that, we do believe that cocktails come at a close second. Whether you’re in need of a bit of stress release after work, a catch up with an old friend or a night out with the girls, going for cocktails is always the answer. The best cocktails are seasonal, fresh and make you think of summer, so whether you want to order them from a menu or invite the girls round for a cocktail night, here are some of our faves.

Shakespeare In Love

It’s a wrap. After work drinks! 🌟💫#cgdteam

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This is the cocktail our Managing Editor likes to unwind with after a shoot, as a self-confessed word nerd she loves the name and the fruity finish of this red cocktail. 


50ml gin
10ml maraschino syrup
10ml peach liqueur
25ml strawberry juice (blended strawberries)
1 strawberry (for garnish)


Add ice, strawberry juice, and maraschino syrup to a tumbler and stir. Pour in gin and peach liqueur and stir again to ensure it’s well mixed and garnish with a strawberry. Super easy!

Pomegranate Caipirinha

Sparkling Pomegranate Caipirinha for your Wednesday lunch break. #stirandstrain #cocktails #f52grams #thatsdarling

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The Caipirinha is a classic Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça and lime, it can be quite bitter (but no less easy to drink) but if you want a fruity, summery twist on that classic – you need to try this!


1 teaspoon superfine sugar
10 fresh pomegranate seeds
1/2 lime, quartered
1/2 ounce pomegranate juice (1 tablespoon; 15mL)
2 ounces cachaça, such as Leblon (4 tablespoons; 60mL)
3 ounces sparkling wine (6 tablespoons; 90mL)


Place pomegranate seeds and lime wedges into a tumbler, add the superfine sugar and then mash the ingredients together using the handle of a wooden spoon (or a muddler if you have one!) Add pomegranate juice and cachaça then add ice and sparkling wine. For a more professional finish, you can pour the contents into a better glass or shake in a professional cocktail mixer.

Honey Paloma

I am loving honey right now🐝Today I have created a Honey Paloma! Sweet and Bitter with all the yummy tequila! New recipe on Beautiful Booze link in my profile. #honey #tequila #paloma #mexico #flowers #spring #beautifulbooze

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If you like Margaritas you are sure to like this. It’s smooth, bursting with flavor and the perfect drink for afternoon tea in the garden with your favorite girls. 


2 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 tsp honey syrup (homemade 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup honey)
2 oz club soda
2 oz tequila
1 grapefruit cut into wedges


Combine the fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice and honey syrup in a glass. Add as much ice as you like, then pour over club soda and tequila. Stir to combine and garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

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This slightly less traditional cocktail is made using blue curacao, vodka, and lemon juice, it can be served either long or short and will make for the perfect Instagram-worthy post.


1 oz vodka
1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1 cherry


Add ice to your preferred glass and pour vodka and curacao into it, stir well, fill with lemonade and top with a cherry.

Mai Tai

Tiki-Tiki Tortoiseshell. Featured N°782425 (Lenses Amber Gradient with Silver Mirror) #tiki #maitai #aloha

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This short drink is traditionally made with a mix of both dark and white rum, lime juice, orange curacao and orgeat syrup. Look out for twists on the classic – I once had a rose flavor Mai Tai topped with real dried rosebuds which was divine!


1 oz light rum
1/2 oz dark rum
1/2 oz creme de almond
1/2 oz triple sec
sweet and sour mix
pineapple juice


Add light rum (can be coconut flavored for an extra twist), creme de almond and triple sec into a tumbler. Fill with equal parts sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice, then add dark rum and serve with ice. Bliss!

Have you been out for cocktails recently? We’d love to see your photos! Share your favorite cocktail with us in the comments below!


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