5 Courses Every Writer And Blogger Should Know About


The one thing the internet needs is content writers. Content writers are a big deal at the minute, but they do so much more than just writing. They’re known for wearing several hats. Including research, editing, design–and on top of that, they’re skilled at mastering different styles of writing. It’s a desirable role and writing alone just won’t cut it.

The first thing you need to do is schedule some time between now and the next six months to bang out these short online courses.

Writing for the Web
Writing for an online audience is far less sophisticated than for writing for a print audience (thank god!). Online audiences read differently (some read in-depth and some skim-read) and you need to know how to engage them.

This writing for the web course from open2study will help you understand how to write great content. It’s free! But you’ll need to sign up quick.

Copywriting Secrets – How to write copy that sells
Good sales writers can increase conversion rates like that! They understand their audience, understand the user experience and know how to target your weak spot. What a skill! I’ve found this course on Udemy which talks you through everything from structuring compelling sales copy to writing strong calls to action. This course isn’t free but is worth it in my opinion.

Creating a successful blog from day one
The Ultimate Blog Plan is a huge eBook filled with everything you need to know! We filled it with honest tips, behind-the-scenes stories of Career Girl Daily’s journey, free blogging templates and workbook exercises to help you create a successful blog from day one. Get access to all the chapters and workbook exercises here!

Full SEO Course for Website Owners
This is a great trick for anyone wanting to earn money writing online. SEO is a great skill and having it could be the difference between you being a contributor or an editor. I’m telling you it’s easy as pie. If you understand the basics of SEO, you’re gold dust to an employer! It’s a worthy investment – especially in a job where content is king. And if you find SEO daunting, I’d start with this course.

Basics of Photoshop: Fundamentals for Beginners
Don’t panic. Photoshop is usually on the ‘desirable skills’ list on a job spec. It’s great if you want that edge over your competitors, but it’s also useful for you to become a self-sufficient content producer. This course is fun and taught by Meg Lewis for Skillshare.

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  1. I just started my first full-time job and have realized it’s not my passion. I’d love to make a living creating content so thank you CGD for writing this article.

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