Stop Procrastinating: These 5 Courses Will Boost Your Productivity


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Are you procrastinating right now? Why not try out one of these 5 courses to find out ways to boost your productivity and feel more motivated!

As a career girl, it’s important to stay focused on your goals and become the best version of yourself that you can be. Whether you’re just starting your career or even if you’ve been in the business for longer, we can all learn some new tips on how to stay productive. As we all know, it can be difficult at times to maintain focus all day long. To help you boost your productivity, we have found you 5 courses that are all short but effective, and will definitely help you reach your goals!

1. The science of productivity

To start being more productive you have to know a few things first. This mini-course explains everything you need to know about productivity, including some important tips on how to increase your workflow. A great way to get your facts straight and get motivated! We have more advice on how to still be productive when you have zero motivation right here!

2. How to overcome procrastination?

Marie Forleo is one of my favorite business women of all time. She has tonnes of informative videos that can actually help you on any subject. So when you don’t have much time but find that you are constantly procrastinating, just take four minutes to watch this great video and use your time wisely. You’ll be investing in yourself! If you’re one that often gives in to procrastination – here are some amazing apps that you might find useful!

3. Work smarter, not harder: time management for personal & professional productivity

For the career girls who really want to expand their knowledge and are willing to invest some time, this is your course. All courses from Coursera are entirely free. This particular one contains 4 to 8 hours of readings, videos and quizzes. Perfect for the real workaholic who wants to make the most out of herself.

4. Happiness is the new productivity

Although it’s not really a course but more a lecture, this video is definitely my favorite! It gives you a different take on working hard and how happiness is vital to your working life. Spoken by businessman Vishen Lakhiani, if you are in need of some inspiration – watch this. I truly believe in every word he says! To learn more about how to turn negativity energy into positivity vibes, read this article.

5. Become more productive in 10 easy steps

This ten-step course is ideal if you want to quickly learn tips and tricks from a true business professional. Every video is only about five minutes long, so you can easily fit this course into your busy schedule while learning how to make the most of your time. Boost that willpower of yours with these simple but effective tips!

By Shelley Beekman

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    Great article! Time to become the best version of myselfe ;)

  • mediamarmalade

    Great tips :) A dedicated working space always helps me

    Mel x

  • Kaydee Mick

    You may really like this TED talk! I really like it and it provides a unique outlook on procrastination!

  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for sharing

  • Sara

    Really enjoyed the you-tube video about the science of productivity! Thank you X

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