5 Creative Ways To Use Up Your Christmas Leftovers



If we can’t indulge at Christmas, then when can we? And I don’t know about you, but I plan on doing a lot of it before I crackdown for the new year! Who can blame me when there’s so much to eat?! Because we tend to go a little crazy foodwise on Christmas day we’re usually left with an overabundance of turkey, veg, and puddings! And I’m a great believer in reducing waste, but sometimes the usual bubble and squeak or loaded sandwich can get a little tedious, especially when you do it every year!

So, why not join me this year in switching up how you use your leftovers and even impress a few family and friends along the way? Here are five recipes that will be sure to inject excitement into your leftovers!



 Turkey, stuffing, cranberry and Chelsea Buns:


An impressive and easy version of the usual leftover sandwich, these buns look as good as they taste and it won’t be hard to invigorate your Boxing Day buffet with them. They might take a little longer than simply slinging your leftovers between two slices of bread, but they are so worth it!

Veggies can simply leave out the turkey and they’re just as good with only stuffing and cranberry! Find out how to make them here.


Grilled cauliflower with winter pesto:


This Christmas, chances are you have a lot of leftover nuts and veg. So, why not use them to make a scrummy winter herb pesto? Perfect for a lazy day when you want something tasty without putting in the effort and it only takes a handful of ingredients! And homemade pesto should last five to seven days in the fridge, which means you’ve got a weeks worth of this delicious dish! Find the full recipe here.



Swirled peppermint bark:


Need to relieve Christmas stress and use up excess treats? There’s no need to throw away the candy canes and chocolates adorning your home, this recipe is ideal for you! I’m talking crushing, smashing and beating your way to an impressive sweet treat which is not only festive but Instagram worthy. And all you need is a mix of melted chocolate and crushed candy canes! Not that bad huh? Find the recipe here.


Sweet potato rösti with garlic butter beans:


Sometimes we just can’t stomach something sweet for our first meal of the day. Instead, this Boxing Day, indulge in a savory take on a breakfast pancake and use your leftover potatoes in the process! Simple and tasty, it’s perfect for the morning after Christmas when you’re still full from yesterday’s extravagance! Get the full recipe here.


Christmas pudding scones:


At Christmas, we tend to overestimate our stomachs and rarely can we get through pudding after a mammoth dinner. In the days after Christmas, instead of simply picking at the crumbling mound of fruit and booze when the mood takes us, get creative and have a go at making these Christmas pudding scones!

Most leftovers will last in the fridge for about four days, and almost anything can be repurposed into an exciting, fresh meal. So have fun and experiment! Happy cooking! Serve hot or cold and find the full recipe here.



What are your favorite ways to use up leftovers? Let us know in the comments section below



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  • Rani & Co.

    Mmm these look delish! Currently munching on the chicken pie that I made with leftover chicken from Christmas!


  • Megan McMahon

    I think I’ve just fallen in love with those Christmas Pudding scones! Love all of these recipes, they all sound so yummy
    Megan x meguana.blogspot.co.uk