5 Daily Habits Of The Happiest People

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Staying positive every day isn’t the easiest thing to do. Being the Career Girls we are, we understand there are elements and events in our day-to-day schedules that we have no control over. Still, putting in the effort to be and remain positive creates a root of readiness of being content in our lives. The happiest people do this by creating a habit in their lives! So, what habits can we incorporate day-to-day to be content?

1. Meditation

Using as little as five minutes a day to center and communicate with yourself is an action essential to happiness. Listening to your thoughts is something many deem to be abnormal, but on the contrary, it’s important and helpful. It unlocks a self-barrier and permits you to focus and evaluate what it is you want for the day, allowing you to be honest, open and happy. Making this a habit is a great way to create a stepping stone to being and remaining content in life! 

2. Staying Grateful

It’s important to not take things for granted. Happy people understand that they are fortunate in some category in their life- whether it is the fact they have a job or that they are able to live comfortably. Knowing that there are people and elements in life to be grateful for, keeps happy people rooted in contentment and positivity. A good way to make this a habit is to record three things you are grateful for every morning when you wake up. It sets a foundation in your mind, elevating your mood of gratitude for the remainder of the day. 

3. Exercise & Eat healthily

There is a great feeling when releasing endorphins from consuming a hearty meal. There is a clear distinctive difference between the days you exercise and eat right, from the days you do not. Whatever you feed your body contributes to your mood attitude throughout the day. The happiest people today make this a priority in their lives! So, making it a habit of staying active and eating smart is a fundamental contribution to being happy!

4. Surround yourself with positivity

We’re not always in control of our surroundings! If we could, we would probably choose not to engage in rush-hour transportation after work. But, the space that we are able to control allows for us to be creative and surround ourselves with positive vibes. Write an uplifting note to yourself by your mirror, decorate your office space or listen to an uplifting podcast on your way out! It’s easy to fit in doses of positive goodness if you think about it. 

5. Don’t take things personally

This is probably a lesson we all have to constantly improve on. Not everything said or done is always about you. People who are content make it an effort to remove themselves from the thought that anything done is because of them. My mother would say to me ‘Anything said about you has nothing to do with you’. And it’s true! It’s not your problem. It’s a great feeling when you bury the appeal to adhere and contribute to taking things personally. You’ll find yourself happier and less worried about the little things in life!

Hopefully, you can use these tips to make the changes you need to make your life more content!

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  • hanan abdi

    My main struggle is maintaining that positive atmosphere and vibe and of course developing the root of readiness, so thank you for the post and inspo :P xx

    A Girl’s journal

  • Taste of France

    The New York Times recently had an article about how you can teach yourself to be more positive. It’s worth the effort to not get into a negative mental rut.

  • Marketa Frank

    So good, totally agree! <3 I've been trying to incorporate meditation in my daily life and I love it! x

  • Hippie Fish Beach Art

    Good advice but I would add one important thing I live by which seems to be overlooked these days.
    That is, HELPING OTHERS AND ANIMALS. I help the stray cats and dogs in Greece along with being helpful to friends and family.
    It’s a rewarding and satisfying feeling when you do good! Pure happiness.

  • astintabroad

    Love It!

  • Laura Mareno

    Great tips! I’m trying to add meditation to my routine everyday and it’s really so good for your soul! thanks for sharing:D


    • Jeanny

      If you’re attempting to incorporate meditation onto your daily life try the HeadSpace app. I still find meditation difficult but the app helps see i am making progress.


    Love this! Great tips, especially the one about not taking things personally.


    Love, http://herrendezvous.com/