5 Documentaries You Need To Watch This Week

Lucy Williams


Anyone who knows me knows that my weeknights are solely reserved for one thing and one thing only; Netflix. I love to just sit down, put work to the side and just relax. And tonight, it’s all about documentaries, ranging from the most heartwarming to the most shocking! So, I’m going to spend the whole evening, locked inside with the curtains closed ready to spend my time lost in the best documentaries Netflix has to offer. Will you join me?

1.The Confession Tapes


It’s a new one to Netflix and I’m already obsessed. It looks into the criminals who confessed to their crime but later backtrack it – saying it was down to coercion or force. But, you’re shown the interviews with the lawyers, the investigators, and confession experts and it suddenly doesn’t seem so black and white. Just like Making a Murderer, your shown real tapes, and audio to help you determine whether they are guilty or not.

2. One Day On Earth


I cannot rate this documentary enough. It is one of the most heartwarming, beautiful documentaries I think I have ever watched. The idea of was to capture footage from all around the world on the same day, 10.10.10 and millions from all corners of the globe took part. At times, it can be a bit of an eye-opener as it delves into some of the world’s issues, but all together it really is an insightful look into the world and how it is inhabited. Definitely a must-watch!

3. Blackfish


This documentary looks into the scary truths of the SeaWorld industry. It cannot be recommended enough and it still hits hard every time I watch it. If you don’t know about it by now, it’s a story of Tilikum a killer whale who had killed several people whilst in captivity. But this has lead into a deeper look into man’s relationship with animals and how we have actually learned so little. Not only that, but it opens your eyes to the real issues with the sea-park industry, and finally exposes the truth behind the entertainment.

4. Hostage To The Devil


Talk about creepy, this documentary follows the guy that inspired the film The Exorcist! Malachi Martin, a Jesuit Priest was well-known for his exorcisms. Until on one of them, he was killed when he spoke to a “possessed infant”. It’s quite an eerie one especially when you see clips of him in action, interviews with those who witnessed his work, and of course the mysterious story surrounding his death. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, this documentary will leave you with one question; does the devil exist?

5. Samsara


Samsara is probably one of the most beautiful documentaries I have ever watched, and I have no problem watching it over and over again. It’s a little similar to One Day On Earth, but it is filmed completely differently. It focuses more on culture and the beautiful spots and sights around the world, creating a travel log. But, it is so much more than that! You’ll get the full experience with beautiful imagery and alike music that will leave you fully immersed!

 Have you seen any of these? And what did you think?



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  1. hi i have seen most, and look forward to the rest.. i watched the reader, last night which is NOT a documentary, and should there be a list for non docs, watch that!

  2. Blackfish is amazing! But The Confessions Tapes is so good, especially if you love anything like Making a Murderer!

  3. Thank you, and all of you, SO much for these great recommendations. So helpful to have such good and thoughtful suggestions. Makes me happy (and hopeful) in these difficult times.

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