5 Easy And Healthy Snacks To Help You Beat Cravings

Cravings can hit you like a storm! And when it comes to chocolate, chicken nuggets and cake it can be hard to resist your bodies urge to wharf it down. This can be a real test of your self-control, especially if you’re summer dieting. Whilst we practice the code of everything in moderation, these healthy snacks can help you satisfy your cravings without the guilt. After all, fruit is nature’s gift.

1. Greek yogurt and granola

Lauren Caris Cooks


Here at the office I always manage to sneak in a bowl of granola and yogurt at some point during the day. Before I became dairy intolerant I used to always enjoy the thickness of a greek yogurt. It’s filling, delicious and gives you so much energy for throughout the day. You can add dried fruits, fresh fruit or nuts. I like to mix my soy yogurt into the granola so it’s evenly spread out and then add in some dried coconut and fresh raspberries. Find a delicious recipe here.


2. No bake chocolate energy balls

Yummy Adiction

These small snacks can quickly be made the night before to take with you to work. There are so many different recipes for energy balls but this is one of my favorites.  It’s filled with chocolate and coconut, what could go wrong! Not only that, but this is actually a really healthy snack that makes eating healthily feel less of a chore. Find this yummy recipe here.


3. Rosemary and paprika popcorn


Popcorn is the only whole grain snack this is one hundred percent unprocessed whole grain. Containing the same amount of fiber as an apple, this snack is going to make you feel at ease and full of energy. But, also because of the amount of whole grain in popcorn, it has more antioxidants than any fruit or veg! Don’t be boring with your popcorn, spice it up with some paprika or even Oreo’s. Have fun with your snacks. Try out this recipe here.


4. Chia seed pudding with acai  

The Awesome Green

If you read my last post on the wonders of chia seeds, you will know just how miraculous this superfood is. Add in some acai berries and you have yourself a super snack to overcome your cravings for the naughty stuff. This will help to give you energy but also keep you hydrated. The antioxidant properties in the chia seeds and the acai berries will also give your skin that added boost. Try out this gorgeous recipe here.


5. Blueberry coconut layered smoothie


Sometimes we just want a smoothie instead of food for a snack. Filled with fruit which will give you lots of energy and still fill you up. This one, in particular, is filled with antioxidants from the blueberries, protein rich greek yogurt and filling almond butter. Find the recipe here.

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  • Alexis deZayas

    I love eating greek yogurt and granola! And that smoothie looks delicious!!


  • Esther

    These recipes sound fabulous. I will try them.
    Have a nice Sunday. Love, Esther

    • Lisa Collins

      How did you get on with the recipes Esther? did you like them?