5 Easy And Healthy Lunches You Need To Take To The Office

There’s nothing like preparing for the week ahead, so before you leave work behind and have fun on the weekend, you should think about your meal options. What are you taking to work next week that will both nourish and satisfy you, while making your coworkers jealous at the same time? Running low on ideas? Do some meal prep and bookmark this post before Sunday night! We think these lunch options are perfect for including in a Tupperware box and enjoying in front of your very envious coworkers.

1. Kale Power Salad


This recipe is perfect if you need something healthy and delicious in the office. The brain-boosting power of kale will ensure you have a much more positive day than the rest of the office, plus you’ll get all your protein and iron thanks to the chickpeas and avocado. It looks as yummy as it is, believe us. Find the recipe here.


2. Mandarin Pasta Salad


The sauce with this pasta salad is really something worth shouting about. It begs to be shared, perfectly sweet and addictive. The author describes the taste like this: ‘It makes me want to cry. Tears of blissful heavenly joy.’ Want your co-workers to wonder what that heavenly smell is? Find the recipe here.

3. Vegetarian Kung Pao Quinoa Bowls


This quinoa bowl recipe is seriously delicious. Take it to the next level with veggies, peanuts, sesame seeds, green onion and a few tablespoons of dressing. We love it. Find the recipe here.

4.  Grilled tofu and asparagus and ginger cauliflower rice


How good does this sound? The ginger will energize your digestive system, plus the addition of kale and tofu makes it a full house of veggie friendly goodness. Find the recipe here.

5. Cauliflower and kale soup


This cauliflower and kale soup takes less than an hour to cook, and is bright, beautiful and delicious. Put it in a thermos and take it into work, the smell will light up the office and the taste will make you happy all day! Find the recipe here.


What do you think of these healthy lunches?

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  1. Have to try these recipes. They look so good. Still amazes me how much healthy stuff we can actually make on our own that doesn’t require too much effort. Thanks for sharing!

    Love from Singapore,


  2. Great post! I’m trying to plan my meals in advance, but I run out of ideas. This will really help!

    Sharon | Sweet Eve


  3. That pasta salad looks absolutely heavenly!

    – Natalie

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