5 Easy Home Organization Tricks You’ll Actually Want To Try

photo: One Kings Lane


Organizing  your home is a dreaded task. Sometimes you come in from work and just throw clothes on the floor, bags on your desk and keys all over the place. It’s easy to do. Your desk might be organization heaven, but your home may suffer because you’re putting it off.

Luckily there are a few organization tips you’ll want to start right now…

#1 Get Strategic

One Kings Lane


First thing’s first: Come up with a step by step list of what you want to organize. Bathroom vanity? Kitchen cabinet? Having this list will not only show you what needs to be done, but also helps convert a huge project into approachable tasks. This way you aren’t actually doing any tidying, just planning to tidy. Which is different.

#2 Move Smallest To Largest

Nytt Lantliv


I find the bathroom to be the easiest place to organize because it typically is the smallest room in the house. So here’s what to do, set aside a block of 30 minutes and tackle the smallest task first. Pick up those clothes and fold them, stack your notebooks, put your pens back into the pot, fold your towels. Ta da. Then stop, do something else. You’ve already made progress.

#3 Purchase Organizational Pieces

A Beautiful Mess


What motivates us to organize? Looking at photos of other beautifully organized homes, of course. But also, you should examine which organizational pieces you already have. Do you buy a new pair of shoes every week? Consider picking up a shoe rack. Having organizational pieces doesn’t keep you organized unless they are working for you so do some sleuthing, find what pieces you need and customize a shopping list for yourself.

We love these honeycomb wall shelves from Urban Outfitters and these petrified wood bookends. But what can we say? Beautiful things require nice organization. Other pieces to invest in would be ring dishes and storage ottomans.

#4 Categorize and Start From Scratch



When I’m organizing I love to start with a blank slate. I remove every single thing in an area (bookcase, closet, etc) and divide items up into three categories: Keep, Move, Toss. “Keep” is everything that belongs in that space. “Move” is items that belong in a different area. And “Toss” is for everything that it’s time to let go of. Marie Kondo taught us this one…

#5 Let Go

Design Sponge


We accumulate a lot of stuff in our lifetimes, from those gifts you meant to return to participation trophies from sixth grade, it’s easy to get bogged down year after year. When you make moves to organize consider minimizing your life a little. Sift through items carefully, ask yourself “When was the last time I really used this? Do I really need it?”

Organization is all about finding what works for you! Some people like to work a few minutes every day while other people, like me, are down for the three-hour organizing gauntlet. Find your rhythm and stick with it!

Written by Molly Ann Shephard.

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