5 Easy Tips To Being Extremely Productive & Clear Minded


If like so many of us you spend more time scrolling your social feeds than on your to-do-list. Or you find yourself spontaneously cleaning your bedroom instead of tackling that assignment you have looming over you (anyone else super tidy on a deadline?) then these hacks for better focus could be for you…

Take time to meditate

Ok, I have a deadline tomorrow and you want me to sit and breath for fifteen minutes? Yes, I do. Your brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised (flex arm emoji). Practicing mindfulness can actually increase your brain’s ability to lock down on a task and fully focus. Not only will you find concentrating easier but you will actually do better work. Try these apps to get started (think of it as investing your time).

Create a dreamy workspace

Your environment plays a huge part in your brain’s ability to focus – fact. Create a workspace that inspires not one that distracts. Plug into a focus playlist on Spotify, light an energizing candle and add flowers and plants to reduce stress and increase productivity. Yes, greenery can actually reduce tension by 37% and you can’t argue with science.

Tackle big tasks in the morning

We are simply able to focus better on our tasks in the morning. Maximize on the power of the early hours by taking on your ‘big’ tasks early on. To keep your focus steady throughout the day and avoid flagging, dodge multi-tasking, take regular breaks, and plan rewards for your hard-working self.

Stay hydrated and fuelled

If you want to improve your focus, as well as increase your memory and your problem-solving abilities – hydrate. It really is that easy. Being dehydrated by just 1% can reduce your productivity levels by 12%, and we need it all. Keep a large bottle on your desk and add a few tasty fruits to infuse your water and boost your vitamin intake for that extra dose of focus.

Be unsociable

In an age of distractions, a girl’s got to give herself every chance of staying focused. Close down emails and turn off notifications or sign out of social accounts (It’ll make you realize how often your click over to Facebook without noticing). For an easy hack, download the Anti-Social plug-in where you can block your social media for up to eight hours – and get to work.

You got this.

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  • dreamofadventures

    I started meditating recently and it has been so helpful, especially with stress. Great list!


  • Cristina

    Love the last point – totally me!

    Cristina | *janded

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips

  • Bruna Marconi

    Love this tips!
    and the unsociable thing I do sometimes and it works…
    Love it! http://www.brunamarconi.com

  • Sitta Karina

    Truly great tips, especially the last one!