5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight At Your Desk

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This is the perfect time to get strong, tough, and healthy. Not only are there so many tools and resources available to us these days, but it doesn’t cost the earth to get in shape. I’m so inspired and motivated by the girls on Instagram who have the guts to show the reality of their Insta pics (take a look at @imrececen for example). Trust me, I’m writing this with muscle cramps from my mountain climbers, it’s not hard at all to get in shape – and the hard work you put yourself through actually feels good.

One thing that bothers me after a tough workout session is going to work and sitting on my butt all day. The other day I was moaning that I’d been sitting even through my lunchbreak so I’ve decided to turn it all around and use my time wisely!

1. Use the time you have

Since you’re sitting a lot, you need to upgrade that commute game. I’m talking, stand instead of sit. Walk for longer (I decided to walk from my house to the subway instead of taking the bus) or walk home if you can’t spare the time in the morning. On sunnier days I tend to walk home. It’s nice to just plug my headphones in and hit those steps. You can use a step counting app on your phone or get a Fitbit to help you set and smash goals.

2. Get on up!

The best thing about a fitness tracker is that they remind you every 30 minutes or so to get up and move around. I found out something pretty worrying the other day. You might think you’re being healthier by working out, but while your muscles are healing, if you’re hunched over a computer – that’s the position they’re gonna heal in. That shocked me into sitting with a straight back and taking standing breaks.

3. No excuses once your sneakers are laced up

It makes such a difference when you bring your gym gear to work. Change into it after work and you’ll find working out so much easier. Once the gear is on, there is no bargaining. Whether you decide to fasten your rucksack and go for a run as soon as work is over or if it’s just a good reminder that when you get home you’re gonna work out – I always find that being able to change into my gym gear at work reminds me to stay healthy.

4. One hour is all you need

It might only be one hour, but used well, it’s one hour you’ll enjoy. Take a walk, stretch in the park, or if you’re feeling ambitious, go for a half an hour run. I’ll admit I’ve been considering doing a lunchbreak run. The only thing you need access to is a shower really if you don’t, you might want to stick to a walk or some low-intensity stretching. My favorite thing to do is go for a walk along the high street, I find I’ve easily done 5,000 steps that way, and usually a little bit of shopping too.

5. You better work!

Activating your muscles while you work is a great way to stay fit. Just tense your various muscles as you go. For example, tense your stomach muscles and hold them for as long as is comfortable, lift one leg up underneath your desk and hold it, then swap for the other leg. Tense your glutes, lift your elbows off the table while you type. You’ll feel the same sort of ‘pull’ as you get from a workout, and nobody will know you’re even doing it. Win!


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  1. So interesting. I didn’t know your muscles ‘set’ in a certain position AND i love the tips, simple but you make it seem easy. Tensing my stomach as we speak…

  2. Got a desk job this year, promptly gained weight and lost muscle. I’ve had to start little incognito exercises in my chair… Walking around after lunch really made a difference, if I didn’t I would retain weight and my digestion would slow.

  3. I wish I could workout right after work, but the gym is always packed, so I try to get some workout done by the end of doing some core workout at my chair and some yoga stretches.

  4. I gained soooo much weight and find it so hard to eat healthy.
    I need to just get up and do it!

    Aesthetic Mind | Fashion & Personal Style Blog

  5. Love these tips, I’m very active at university because I have to walk everywhere and I’m worried when I get into a job that if it’s a sit down/desk job I’ll find it difficult to keep active. I like the idea of walking the commute and under the desk exercises and hopefully will find these doable!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

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