5 Emojis That Describe How A Career Girl Really Feels About Work

Photo: Kenza Zouiten


Yes, I’m obsessed with emojis. Every week I have a favorite. My sister and I play a game called “Guess the emoji”, where we basically describe an unused emoji and have to find it. Riveting stuff.

With that in mind, there are some seriously appropriate emojis for different situations. We’ve all seen how Kanye and Kim use the eggplant emoji with the peach emoji. Ahem.

These emojis describe how a Career Girl really feels about their working week, not a negative thought in sight (well there are when our alarms go off…obviously!).



I love Mondays. Doesn’t make waking up in the morning after a blissful weekend any easier, though. There is only one emoji that perfectly describes the feeling of getting ready to boss the day and that’s the ‘fist punch’ emoji. To me it reflects that feeling that you’re gonna get shit done. That you’re gonna ace the day! That you’re actually excited to boss it.


2Everything goes well on a Tuesday. It’s not so much of a shock to wake up early, you can tick things off your list with energy and enjoyment and sip on a smoothie and chat with co-workers with a smile on your face. Tuesday is a cool day. It’s a sunglasses emoji ‘I’m bossing it’ kind of day.


emoji1Wednesday is hump day, so it’s normal to feel a little bit of a slump. But if you really love your job you know that team work makes the dream work. So the best part about feeling a bit overwhelmed is sharing the tasks with your co-workers, and days like Wednesdays are all about sharing the love.


4Chances are, on Thursday, you still have a lot of work to do and you can’t really figure out how you’re going to get it done. But you’re celebrating what you’ve done so far! Or at least, I am. I know I need to work my butt off to have a weekend, but I enjoy what I do, I want to work and celebrate every little achievement.


3Friday is a day for tieing up all those loose ends. Even though we all love our job, it’s great to have plans on Friday. You know, something to look forward to once you’ve fired off those last emails. It’s FRIDAY! And we have a weekend ahead of us to relax! Most of us will still dip into work stuff, but it’s important to have a break no matter how much you love what you do. So grab a cocktail after work…you did great this week!

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