5 Empowering Netflix Documentaries Every Woman Should Watch

A powerful documentary can leave you contemplating for days. With the success of such shows as ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘Blackfish’, Netflix is at the forefront of bringing you documentaries that challenge the status quo. The Netflix library is brimming with subjects to choose from, some of which are uplifting stories with the underlying theme of good, old-fashioned girl power.

These are some of the most eye-catching documentaries for your next Netflix session with the girls.

The Hunting Ground

This critically acclaimed documentary focuses on campus sexual assault. It focuses on male and female students who were ignored by the system after reporting their sexual assault. It sounds dark because it is, the whole purpose of the documentary is to challenge the system. It also features Andrea Pino and Annie Clark, the two students who cofounded the End Rape on Campus group.


This documentary follows trendsetter and fashion icon, Iris Apfel, as she pulls outfits together and shows her frugal side when haggling with stall owners. Iris jokes about a ring she is wearing, “I get more of a kick out of this that cost $4 in change, than if my husband took me to Harry Winston.” Iris also talks about keeping her wedding shoes for over 60 years, “If you hang around long enough, everything comes back.” Iris is now 95 years old and still going strong – this insightful film depicts her lifelong love for interior and fashion.

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

With the spotlight intermittently on equal pay and gender equality in the workplace, this documentary takes you back to the 1960s in America, where it all began. This film interviews the women responsible for driving the women’s movement, in an attempt to shape women’s rights. An intriguing documentary with some jaw-dropping footage of men saying some pretty derogatory things on camera – I wonder whether they would be happy to be filmed saying the same things today…


This documentary is one of the most hard-hitting shows on Netflix. It follows a 19 year old freshman from Chicago, that utilizes social media to manage a revolution on the ground in Syria. Ala’a Basatneh knows at any given time what is going on in Syria before anyone else, she is responsible for connecting people wishing to protest out there – providing safety in numbers.

Girl Rising

This documentary features nine girls across the world from Cambodia to Haiti and the struggles they’ve faced to achieve their dreams. The stories are narrated by actors and actresses including Kerry Washington and Meryl Streep. It’s a really inspiring story about the struggles women all over the world go through and a reminder that we have a lot of privileges.

Written by Grace Maxted, Featured photo Urban Outfitters



What are your favorite documentaries on Netflix? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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