5 End Of Day Rituals That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

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It’s no coincidence that the most successful career girls have morning rituals that they stick to. The early risers are the ones who get things done and seeing as you have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé – there really is no excuse. Oh, and trust us when we say that a morning ritual is pretty much useless without a night time ritual. Unless your day’s goals are bed hair, a grumpy mood and your pants on backward.


The last hour of your day is scary important to your day-to-day success. The first essential step in your end of day ritual is to review your day. Glance over your to-do-list, check in with your goals and celebrate each small achievement. Reviewing your day’s progress will help you process your day and turn the page ready for a new one.


Shift your mind to tomorrow. Write down your MITs (that’s most important tasks). This way you will have a clear focus as soon as your day starts. No slow-morning necessary. Thinking about tomorrow might not seem like the most relaxing step in your ritual, but by dedicated a short amount of time to doing so you won’t find yourself dreaming about it instead.


Journaling is an essential step in closing one day before starting the next. The process of writing down your dwelling thoughts will help clear and settle your mind. Oh, and the simple act of writing releases happy hormones in your brain if you weren’t already convinced. Write down three reasons to be grateful and you’ll sleep easy.


Fail to prepare – and prepare to fail. No successful morning starts with a 20-minute search for your other heel. Prepare your handbag essentials and lay out your outfit and you’re far less likely to suffer the stress of forgetting an essential or ever being late again.


Your thoughts are at peace and you can now dedicate the evening to yourself – blissful. Indulge yourself in a great book, a luxury pamper, a session of bed yoga; the choice is yours. Put your phone far away and unwind technology-less. You will gain the night’s sleep you need to fuel your tomorrow.

Avoid your days blurring into one another without a clear focus or goal. The key is to declutter, rebalance and prepare for your morning in a way that promotes health and avoids stress. It’s that simple.


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  1. Saying someone has as many hours as Beyonce has become outdated, really. Yes, we all have 24 hours, that’s a given. But I doubt Beyonce cooks, goes grocery shopping, cleans her apartment, sorts the laundry, you get the picture. Telling an average woman she has as many hours as Beyonce is basically telling her she isn’t trying hard enough because she’s (probably) not yet reached what she could… if only she had all the other circumstances Beyonce has.
    So no, we don’t really have as many hours as Beyonce.

  2. I need to declutter my office, BIG TIME. It looks frankly awful these days! I hate how much stuff I have on my desk that I don’t even need right now. Why do I need all of this shit right in front of my face? I definitely need to plan my day as well so I can know how much I need to get done and how much time I have to do each task. Knowing what worked yesterday will help me get more done today.

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