5 Essentials You Need For A Happier Commute

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Your daily commute, whether on the train, tube or bus, doesn’t have to be boring. Small additions to your journey can impact positively on the rest of your day. Here are five essentials that can make your journey a bit more dynamic:

#1 Diary/planner

Great ideas always happen at inconvenient times, we all know J.K. Rowling came up with the idea for Harry Potter while on a train journey. With a diary or planner, not only can you organise your schedule and plan social events around your work commitments, you can also write down lists of daily tasks to achieve, and you can cross them off as angrily as you want. Therapy! Check out Ban.do or Kate Spade if you’re looking for an excuse to spend some money.

#2 Your favorite magazine

You can update yourself on celebrity gossip, find out the current fashion trends and get career advice, all in one journey! Whether you buy a travel size of your favourite mag or download an app that allows you to read all your faves digitally and without WiFi. Our favourite apps are the Apple Newsstand or Zinio.

#3 Some addictive games

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to tap the screen and get some joy out of smashing angry birds or joining up matching pieces of candy. You need to get some new games, preferably ones that don’t zap too much battery or require WiFi. Our favourite addictive games at the moment are Alphabear, Monument Valley and Peggle Blast.

#4 A great playlist

Great music makes a long commute seem shorter! Psychologically, music also has a tangible effect on your mind-set, so a well-chosen playlist can motivate you to approach a task with more efficiency. Download Spotify and upgrade so you can listen without WiFi or spend some time curating your perfect commuting playlist.

#5 Check your Instagram

No commute is complete without Instagram! From fashion inspiration to diet and exercise tips, plus cute puppy pictures, Instagram is the ultimate inspiration platform. If you have WiFi, or good signal, you can even snap a couple of artsy pictures of your morning coffee.

By Samantha Maden

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