5 Exercises To Do In The Morning That Will Give You More Energy

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Let’s face it, mornings are not everyone’s favorite time of the day. The alarm goes off, you drag yourself out of bed, pour a coffee then slowly but surely begin the day. But, did you know doing certain exercises each morning can give you that extra boost you need to set you up for the rest of the day? There are some exercises to do in the morning that will improve your metabolism, meaning that even after you have finished your workout, you are still burning calories even just being sat at your work desk or sitting in traffic…

Not only this, but morning workouts have been shown to improve your focus and ability throughout the rest of the day. A win, win situation.

But surely exercise does not have the same effect as coffee? Here are a few easy routines to try in the morning for an added boost of energy.


1. The Wonder Woman workout 



Founder of POP Pilates Cassey Ho will train you to feel stronger (like Wonder Woman!) and have more energy in the mornings. With pilates, it’ll add a bit of a spring in your step and a punch to the beginning of your day. With crunches, low punches, and plenty of movement you’ll definitely start the day with a boost of energy. Because not only will you feel like Wonder Woman you’ll know you’ve worked out just like her too!


2. Fresh Morning Yoga



If feeling fresh in the morning isn’t your thing, yoga with Adriene has got your back. This is a great way to wake up with energy and slowly charge your batteries for the rest of the day, by taking in deep breaths and learning to create better posture you’ll be in the perfect position to overcome whatever the day throws at you!


3. Dance To Burn Fat



There’s nothing better than starting the morning off with a dance workout. Danielle Peazer’s dance to burn fat workout will have you feeling happier and moving more because everybody loves to dance to music. It probably won’t even feel like working out. The more you move, the more energetic you will feel afterward!


4. Power Up Your Day



Every morning should begin with a wake me up stretch routine. It’ll make you feel energized when you don’t have time to do a full workout and keep your muscles feeling relaxed. If you know you have a busy, stressful week coming up – try to do this in the morning as it’ll stop you feeling tense and help you relax and mentally prepare!


5. Wake Your Body Up With Yoga



For a less gentle way to wake up, this fun and easy yoga routine from Brett Larkin Yoga will make you feel refreshed, energized, and push yourself hard to achieve great things. You’ll open up your muscles for the day and get yourself ready to get things done, while you feel great, have amazing posture and can’t wait to start the day!


Which exercise do you try to do every morning? Let us know in the comments below…



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