5 Fab Benefits Of Joining Our #CareerGirlFitness 30 Day Challenge

If you haven’t heard, we’re doing a fitness challenge! It’s fast approaching now, and we’ve been thinking about all the ways joining our challenge can help you get healthier and happier.

#1 Support to help you stay on track.

You’ll be part of a community of like-minded women all spurring each other on! Our challenge will connect you with the other amazing people who’ve already joined us (800+ so far), people who want a little bit of extra motivation to get them through the 30-day challenge! We can all help each other!

#2 Amazing, varied meals.

We’ll be sharing recipes and meal ideas that are delicious and nutritional and encouraging you to share with us the foods you’ve enjoyed too! If you’re struggling to stay on track, all you have to do is check back in with our facebook group and you’ll find motivation somewhere!

#3 Exercises that you can do wherever you are, no matter your fitness level!

That’s right, at CGD we’re all of different fitness levels. I’m about as lazy as a person can be, so I definitely need a little kick when it comes to exercise, we’ve chosen exercises that hurt, but are also fun and will definitely work your target areas.

#4 Tips and motivation straight from the CGD desk.

We’re loading up on the motivation to keep us all strong, these things work better when you have a team behind you cheering you on! If you feel like giving up, just check out our motivation and keep pushing through the pain!

#5 A healthier, stronger, you!

After all this, you should be aiming for a healthier, stronger, you. Small challenges make a big difference, and we’re hoping whatever your goals are, you achieve them (and so do we) so let’s get on track for an amazing month of working together to be the best we can be!

Our 30-day challenge starts on the 22nd June. Join us on facebook, we’d love to see your pretty faces!

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  1. Super excited to start the challenge, I want to look good and feel better before my holiday!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

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