5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Inspiring Alexa Chung

Model, author, presenter, Vogue contributing editor, muse, DJ and fashion icon – is there anything Alexa Chung can’t do? She’s not only been an inspiration for Mulberry (who can forget the beautiful Alexa handbag?) but for all of us career girls; Alexa has shown us that we can turn our hands to anything you want and be a success.

Here are a few facts about Miss. Chung you may not know!

She’s a feminist

Alexa is something of a role model when it comes to advocating equality between men and women. Refusing to model in her underwear for men’s magazines, she says ‘I like to be treated equally’, but doesn’t condemn the actions of women who do pose in lad’s mags. Championing equality but not putting other women down? We need more Alexa Chungs in the world.

Alexa was accepted into University College London to read English

Perhaps this won’t come as a surprise to those who know her for writing in Vogue, but Alexa is a brilliant writer. She didn’t pursue her degree after her modelling career took off and has since gone on to write he own book as well as contributing columns to Company magazine and The Independent. She is a great example of a career girl who worked hard, became successful but didn’t go through university first – it can be done!

She was once a magician’s assistant

This wasn’t one of those questionable Saturday jobs we all had at some point – Alexa was levitated, hypnotised and sawed in half as part of Stella McCartney’s London Fashion Week exhibition in 2012. Watched by Rihanna and Anna Wintour, the model and presenter was a stand-in assistant for Kate Moss – perhaps not a career aspiration but a reminder to say yes more and not only focus on your job!

Alexa isn’t a stereotypical model

You would think most models would be really confident and self-assured, but Chung comes across in quite a few interviews as being a down-to-earth girl next door. When asked how to define herself and her style she is unsure and has the same answer for the next step in her career. Known more for being pretty, wide-eyed and tomboyish she has managed to set herself apart from most models-turned-presenters who come across as fame hungry; instead Alexa has stuck to her values, “I know what I like and think, yeah, that’s cool”.

She volunteers and works for charities

Alexa became an Oxfam Ambassador last year; she visited Malawi to help the charity empower women and support the few midwives working there. It gave her more perspective on the fickleness of the industry she worked in. Many of us can probably relate to not being thankful enough for what we have, rather yearning for that which we don’t need.

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By Genieve Crump


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