From Desk To Drinks In A Snap: 5 Fall Beauty Essentials You Need

Sometimes all you need after a day behind your desk is a good drink. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going with your colleagues or with friends, you want to look at your best and you don’t have time to freshen up at home. Luckily we don’t carry those it-bags for no reason. These are the 5 beauty essentials you always have to bring with you in case of a desk to drinks emergency!

1. My number one essential for a day to night look is red lipstick. You can make every look more sexy or powerful by adding the red lips. It’s a bright lick of colour that’s classic and chic – so wear it proudly! My favourite is a bright red from Chanel, but during fall a darker red is also a great choice. Check out our picks for burgundy shades.

2. After a long, busy day you don’t want to look tired. By adding a little concealer under your eyes, you don’t even need that beauty sleep anymore. In just one minute, you’re ready to go! You can also use concealer to highlight your cheekbones a bit or to disguise a pimple. Here are some concealer tips and tricks.

3. When you walk out of the door in the morning, you look fresh as a flower. But during the day your skin can get a bit oily. When you go out after work and you don’t have time to re-do your entire make-up just give yourself a small touch up with some compact powder. Goodbye, shiny skin and hello refreshed you!

4.A famous Chanel quote says: ‘a woman who doesn’t wear perfume, has no future’. So before you leave the house, spray some perfume, and after the day is done spray some more for a fresh touch up. You never know what the night might bring, but you’ll smell lovely during your after work date!

5. Make your eyes brighter and your lashes longer with a subtle layer of mascara. Make sure you have a waterproof just in case it’s raining cats and dogs on your way to the bar. I learned the hard way, to never trust the weather in Holland! Sometimes even your weather app seems to have a day off.

6.SMILE! Even if your day was the worst ever, don’t let it ruin your evening. Let go of the stress and troubles and just smile. There is no prettier makeup than your brightest smile. Real beauty comes from the inside, so have some fun and enjoy!

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  • camille

    This is such a good post ! Full of great tips

  • Marina Laduda

    #1 absolutely yes. I always have a classic red handy.
    #4 omg so true. I always carry a roll on scent. Right now I have the travel sized Jo Malone with me <3

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