5 Fashion Bloggers to watch this week

Ready for a heavy dose of fashion inspiration? Everyone has their own fashion sense and signature look, but from time to time, it’s fun to get inspiration from others. Next time you’re looking for some inspiration have a look at these bloggers.

#1 – Cocoaroundthecorner
This fashionista is based in Germany and inspires us with her impeccable taste of style.


#2- Hello Shopping
Nina is a fashion blogger and has turned her hobby into a career. As an online personal stylist she teaches you how to combine old and new clothes.


#3- Bartabac
Another Spanish fashion blogger with amazing style!


#4 – Kolorowadusza 
Besides the amazing hair we love the edgy style of this Polish girl.


#5 – Blonde-Mery
Spanish architect Mariluz is passionate about fashion and shows us amazing outfits on her blog.


Who are your favourite fashion bloggers? Let us know!