5 Female-Led TV Shows To Binge This Weekend

Let’s be honest, Netflix is our go-to when we need some much-needed downtime! And I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked my way through almost every series on there! There’s nothing more I love than diving deep into the characters and watching them grow, especially when they’re strong female leads. I get to follow them season after season, watch them grow and see how their stories pan out! And it’s this intense slow character development that makes these series binge-worthy. Here’s my top five:

1. How to Get Away With Murder


Produced by the impressive Shonda Rhimes, the show stars Viola Davis as the powerful African American law professor Annalise Keating, who knows a thing or two about getting away with murder. The plot unfurls as Annalise’s life becomes tangled with her five students when they all unwittingly become involved in a murder. The show deals with many important issues of gender and race under the guise of a murder mystery. Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress for her performance and we’re not surprised why. This series is highly addicting and you can’t help but want more!


2. The Handmaid’s Tale


Starring the captivating New Zealand actress Elizabeth Moss, this series shocked the world with the graphic content and haunting portrayal of Margaret Atwood’s legendary novel. The dystopian world created by Atwood is even more shocking on camera; a terrifying alternative that feels distant yet relatable. I advise you read the novel first, but even if you don’t, the series will not disappoint! It’s loved by anyone who watches it as it plays with the boundary between fiction and reality, leaving you with questions like could this happen?


3. Orange is the New Black

You’re in for 5 seasons of this, so if you haven’t seen it by now, make sure you don’t have any plans for next few weekends! Orange Is the New Black is comical, scary and very heart-warming. We follow the interweaving stories of a group of women who are locked up behind bars and take a deep look into their lives before and currently. The show follows Piper as she navigates the American prison system, dealing and exploring a variety of topics like gender, sexuality, and race. Trust me, you’ll be hooked! Especially with the latest seasons!


4. The Sinner


This is brand new and 10 out of 10. Starring Jessica Biel, this show will shock you and move you. It starts with a ‘normal’ wife and mother committing an act of murder. You’ll feel like you’ve been lied to (because you have!) the question is why she did it, not what she did. And it’s a seriously addictive ride your in for if you haven’t watched it yet. Jessica Biel’s performance is stunning. You’re going to love this.

5. Transparent


Transparent gives you an unforeseen insight into the coming of age of a transgender woman, in her 50s, who also happens to be someone’s dad. It’s messy. It’s emotional. It feels like it’s filling in for all those questions we had about Caitlin Jenner when we watched the Kardashians. But, it tells the story of women who are trying to let everyone know just exactly who they are!


Have you seen any of these? And did you love them as much as we did?


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