5 Fitness Apps For Girls On The Go

Our phones can do just about everything these days, from editing the perfect selfie to directing us to amazing undiscovered bars and restaurants. In fact, they’re the perfect tool for organising our lives and sticking to our goals. At the start of a new year most of us want to get in shape and tackle the coming year head-on, but time and money often get the better of us, so here is a list of the five best exercise apps to help us all stick to our fitness goals and new years resolutions

#1 Nike Fitness Club

This nifty Nike app has over 100 workouts to choose from and is aimed exclusively at women. When you get started you can choose a goal from ‘Get lean’ to ‘Get focused’ and the app works with your ability level to help you achieve this. With an option to keep your girl friends updated on your progress and tips from inspiring athletes, what more could you want?
Free iOS & Android

 #2 Garmin Fit

This app is catered to running and cycling, it comes with a GPS tracking function to give you a good idea of your speed, the distance you’ve travelled and the calories you’ve burned. Perfect for that ten-minute jog, it also lets you listen to your own music while the app is running.
£0.79 iOS £0.69 Android

#3 Fitocracy

If you’re looking for something to keep you coming back, Fitocracy doles out points for the effort you put into working out via the app. It contains articles and tips to keep you motivated, charts to record your progress and boasts of a good community to keep you on-track.
Free iOS & Android

#4 Pocket Yoga

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have experienced yoga before, Pocket Yoga aims to help you get downward dog down to a fine art. With tonnes of custom yoga routines, a heart rate and calorie tracker and easy to use demonstrations, this little app is great for fitting some flexibility into your busy life, and what’s more, you can do it anywhere you want.
£2.29 iOS £1.89 Android

#5 Fitbit Tracker

This app can count how many stairs you’ve climbed, calories you’ve burned and hours you’ve slept. If you want to set goals and compete with your friends while logging the food you eat and keeping track of your every day activities like walking and climbing stairs, this app is perfect for you.
Free iOS & Android


  1. Great picks! I am a fitness app junkie. I definitely need to check some of these out. xo


  2. All the apps looks sooo interesting ! I also like to use the Seven app…it’s quick and…well not so easy but really works ^_^


  3. Ooh, Seven sounds good. I like the idea of having ‘lives’ that are taken away from you, it kind of reminds me of CARROT Fit but less mean! Haha. xo

  4. Thank you for the great post. I have always wanted to get a Fitbit band but it is a bit expensive and I find it difficult to match my clothing style.. Really want to try the Nike app though, I’ve heard it is amazing x


  5. Thank you! You’re very welcome, It’s difficult to sift through the sheer amount of fitness apps available these days. I’m intrigued by the Fitbit band too, maybe I’ll invest in one and let you know the results haha. xo

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