5 Food Documentaries That Will Make You Think Differently About Your Dinner

Healthy eating is on the up and we are more and more conscious about what we are putting into our bodies in recent years. This curiosity about what goes into our food along with a free Sunday and a lovely Netflix subscription recently led me to watching as many food documentaries as I could fit into my brain in a short space of time.

There are a huge amount of films you can flick through on the internet, I’ve rounded up some of my favourites below.

5 Food Documentaries That Will Make You Think Differently About Your Dinner


Warning: It’s only fair to pre-warn you if you’re going to watch one or any of these films. I unwittingly became a vegetarian after getting into food documentaries. Some have some pretty game-changing images of food production so watch with caution…and carrot sticks.

5 Food Documentaries That Will Make You Think Differently About Your Dinner

#1 – Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me
I actually watched this about eight years ago and although I found it somewhat entertaining, didn’t really get it fully. So I sat and watched it again. Wow. If you’ve not seen this, I highly recommend it. This will make you think twice about getting fast food on your lunch break tomorrow.

#2 – Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
I’ve never tried Sushi (sorry!) but somehow now, deep down, I know it’s my favourite food. Jiro and Sushi are a pairing comparable to the moon and the stars.

#3 – Food, Inc
If there’s a film to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about going to your local fruit and veg store instead of a big supermarket, this is it. It’s pretty hard hitting but surely it’s better to know what’s going into our food than not?

#4 – More than Honey
This gorgeous documentary about bees and honey production makes you feel some real love toward those furry little stingers. I’m a huge fan of honey (check out the hangover cure post for a shout out!) and through association, a big fan of bees too. This film will make you crave bee-friendly honey pots from now on.

#5 – Vegucated T
he main culprit of my new veggie lifestyle. This film documents the journey of 3 meat and cheese loving Americans who embark on a journey into the vegan lifestyle. It’s a good watch and certainly an eye opener into meat production. It did change my feeling toward meat, but I’m not sure any documentary on earth will turn me off a baked camembert…

What do you think about these documentaries? Have you watched any? Let us know in the comments below!

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