Five Foods That Will Make You Smarter

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How do you fight that feeling where you just can’t get your brain in gear? Grab an energy drink? Share a bag of sweets? The easy choices are the ones that give you a quick burst of energy and a big crash. Stop! You can get that boost through your diet choices! Yep, there are some things out there that will actually boost your brain power and make those meetings go so much smoother.

Get your brain in gear and grab one of these…

#1 Matcha Green Tea

Matcha has been revered by Buddhist monks for centuries for its ability to help cultivate focus, boost brain power and enhance mental clarity. It can be a little pricey so opt for a cup of this tea on a daily basis as it contains a diverse package of antioxidants too! Drink in the morning to wake up your IQ or create iced green tea infused with lemon to sip on throughout the day.

#2 Oily Fish

They may not be famed for their attention span, but putting fish in your dish can do wonders for your own memory and brain power. Thanks to its Essential Fatty Acid and Omega 3 content, oily fish can help your body nourish your mind by helping you manage stress and produce more Serotonin. Sounds smart to us!

#3 Nuts and Seeds

For a veggie alternative to a bigger brain, go nuts for nuts. Walnuts contain the same EFAs as oily fish but watch your portion size as they are calorie dense. Flax (or linseeds) are another excellent way to feed your brain – try a sprinkle on your porridge or stir through yogurt for a quick hit of brain boosting goodies any time of day.

#4 Mean Greens

We’ll take all of the greens please, the darker the better. Green veg and especially leafy greens like kale and spinach are full of lovely iron, helping you fight fatigue by keeping your red blood cells oxygenated. Plus green veg also contains more chlorine than a mouthful of swimming pool and taste a whole lot better too. The benefit here? Studies show that chlorine may help combat memory loss helping to keep you on your A-game.

# 5 ‘Av an avo

We’re all aware of how nourishing avocados are by now, just take a look at any self-respecting health blogger’s Instagram! Full of good fats that nourish nerve cells and keep your brain well oiled, avocados are a wonder ingredient that can be used in sweet or savoury dishes or even solo with a spoon.

Written by Terri W

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