5 Foods That Will Make You Feel Good Right Away

photo: The Glamourai


If you’re feeling a bit low, overwhelmed by deadlines and assignments, and are looking for a mood-boost, look no further than your grocery’s shelf! Believe it or not, you can eat your way to happiness and health picking the right foods to lift your spirit! So here are 5 foods that are essential for your happiness diet

1. Kale


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High in copper, kale is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Plus, it’s a great source of magnesium! Kale doesn’t have to be boring: eat a salad or make a funky smoothie and get the extra boost you need.

2. Dark Chocolate

Craving something to please your sweet tooth? Dark chocolate can satisfy it while picking up your mood! Not only does it provide immediate eating pleasure, but it also has a great antioxidant power, due to the high percentage of cacao it contains. Win-win!

3. Probiotic-rich foods

A recent study proved that the type and amount of bacteria in our digestive tract do impact our mood. This means that probiotic-rich fermented foods, like kefir, should become part of our daily diet!

4. Coffee

How many late night revisions did we spend with the only company of our life-savior coffee? But here’s the great news: by boosting mental focus and alertness, coffee can also help us fight the risk of depression. However, you should never exaggerate with the doses: the less you consume, the better it works!

5. Raw walnuts and cashews

A handful of walnuts a day keeps the doctor away! Rich in proteins and antioxidants,  raw walnuts and cashews should be included in your daily diet if you’re looking for that extra boost without having a spike in blood sugar and insulin.

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