5 Free Apps That Will Organize Your Life

 Living and working in a 24/7 ‘pressure culture’ economy can be pretty exhausting and sometimes takes the better of you. We feel that we need to study, work out, find a job, have a social life, travel (yes, the most obligatory of all), volunteer, study harder and be successful. 

Luckily for us we also live in the technology era and have unlimited access to apps which we can use to help organize our busy lives. So we give you, 5 free apps that will make your busy life a little easier!


Mint is probably the app I personally needed the most. Organizing my finances and stop ‘unnecessary’ spending is what this app helps me to do. Mint organizes your finances and investments in one app, gives you the ability to check your credit score, create a budget, track your spending and is able to send you bill reminders. A great free app that will keep your financial life on track.


Now be honost, how many times have you clicked ‘Forgot Password’ on one of your 1000 social media accounts? Let’s face it, we all have trouble with remembering the user names and password for each account we have on the internet. So if you can’t keep up with all the accounts, personal information and passwords you have used on the internet, Dashlane is there for you! This app keeps track on and secures all these digital information, from login details to your IDs and credit card numbers. They promise that only you have access to this app via you master password and even if you loose you device, no one else is able to access your Dashlane account. If you always forget your usernames, passwords or other personal information, Dashlane is the app for you!


Wunderlist is a great app that will help you organize your to-do list and, as they say, the easiest way to get things done. You can literally add anything to a list of things you must remember, share it, chat about, add PDF files,photos or presentations, delegate to-dos, set a reminder and access it on any device you want. Wunderlist is definitely the app that will help you to organize your busy life.



Too busy to check the news? Downdload Flipboard. This wonderful app keeps you up-to-date with the news that interests you and lets you share stories, photos and videos of the things you care about. Big publications like NYT, People Magazine, CNN and World News are also on Flipboard. You can follow people and publications to keep track with everything that is happening, easily to check in between your meetings.


Too much data to out there that you can’t control it anymore? Want to have all your music, documents and Instagram+Facebook picture in one place? Download Odrive! This app allows you to gather all your files from different apps and storage into one folder. A form of The Cloud but with a better way to access all your data.

All these apps can be found in the App Store and Google Play.


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  1. i use most of these obsessively (though switch mint for YNAB), but I’d never heard of odrive so I’ll definitely check it out, thanks for the tip!

    Roisi x

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