5 FREE Beauty Apps You Need On Your Phone

There is almost nothing we can’t do on our telephones these days. So luckily for the not so ‘beauty guru’ girls like me, there are even apps that can help you with your hair, makeup, and skin care. And even if you are a beauty guru, I bet these 5 apps will be useful to you as well!


#1 – Think dirty

Before you let your mind run wild, this is not what you think it is. Think dirty is a socially responsible app that allows you to find out how toxic your beauty products are. With most products, it is really hard to find out what is actually in them and this app simply scans the barcode, ranks the product on the dirty meter and offers a responsible and greener alternative in case your product isn’t performing really well. Not all products are in their database yet, but you can suggest non-reviewed products.

#2 – Stash

Too much make-up and losing track on what you bought when and how much is left? You better download this app if this is you. With this amazing app, you can keep track of all your beauty products. From when you bought it to how full the product is, you will always know what you have and probably stop overspending on beauty products. And when one of your products is running low, this app will send you a reminder to buy a new one. How genius is that! 

#3 – Modiface Hair Color

I always wondered what I would look like if I dye my hair lighter brown, and thanks to this app I can. Most apps just throw a different color hair style over your hair in a picture, but this app actually changes the color of your own hair, so is more realistic than most apps.

#4 – Makeup Genius By L’Oreal Paris

Not sure which look to go for and don’t feel like trying them all on your face? Then this is absolutely the app for you! From pink blush to red lipstick and from cat eyes to blue eyeshadow, this app lets you try all the looks live. You don’t need to upload a picture, it just works through your front camera and allows you to try all the different looks from different angles. We will forever be thankful to L’Oreal Paris for this app!

#5 – Skinbetter

My personal favorite! A high-tech skin analyzes that does the work for you in seconds. You just snap a picture of yourself and the app will tell you what your biggest skin issues are, then gives you tips and recommends products that you can use for your issues. It even allows you to buy the recommended skin care products right from the app!

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Credit: Allure