5 Free Online Workouts You Can Do From Home


Looking for the best online workouts? These five workout videos will get you motivated to move more and have you working out at home in no time. When you’re pressed for time it’s easy to overlook working out, but if you make some time for it every day, all you need is 30 minutes maximum! 

21 Days Get Fit Challenge

Chloe Ting went viral on TikTok for her incredible (and free) workout regimes. This one is easy to follow and guides you through rest days and workouts, with YouTube videos of the workout you need to do. Chloe’s videos are amazing, and the best part is that they’re 100% free. Head to the comments for a boost of motivation to keep going when you feel like collapsing on the mat. This is one of the best online workouts for a reason. Find it here.

BARRE Sculpting workout 

This 30-minute workout will help you sculpt your body and make you feel as if you’re in a Barre class. Perfect if you need to work on your flexibility and need to build your muscles up. You can do this with or without equipment!

Stress Relief Yoga

If you’re feeling stressed and need to take a deep breath and chill out while getting fit, this 20-minute full body stretch and yoga routine will help you get in shape and feel your best. This is for those days where you’ve felt less than good and everything has got to you.

Latin Dance workout

Zumba is one craze we can definitely get behind. Who doesn’t love good music, shaking their hips, and getting fit while they go? This 30-minute Latin dance workout will make you feel like you’re part of a dance troupe, even if you’ve got no rhythm!

15 Minute Cardio Dance workout

If you want to feel like you’re in a club, even though they’re closed right now. Follow this workout. This is the most fun you’ll have in 15 minutes. It’s intense, but it’s fun, and the music really gets you going!


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