5 Fun Things To Do When You Don’t Have Internet

Uh-Oh! You’ve settled down with your laptop and just realised you don’t have WiFi. Or maybe you’re on a trip and are bored of staring out of the window. As much as we hate to admit it, we’re extremely reliant on the internet in this day and age. There’s nothing we can’t do without it, from playing games to sharing selfies with our friends, so when we’re without it, we’re lost. Don’t panic! Here are 10 fun things to do when you don’t have internet.

1. Do something creative.

There’s never a better time to start your career journal, cut out photos, quotes and your favourite Instagram photos and gather them in an envelope. You can do this while on the go or at home, just take five minutes and lay everything out in front of you before you make a collage. This can help you visualise or create a mini vision board.

2. Socialise like a normal person

Without internet, you’re less likely to be glued to your phone, so go to dinner, spend time with friends without your phone glued to your side and embrace the moment.

3. Brainstorm

All those good ideas you’ve been having can come out right now when you’re distraction free. Our managing editor wrote her best piece of fiction in the middle of the sea on a boat. So be aware that you’re at your most productive when your mind is clear.

4. Develop a skill

Some skills only develop after you use them every day. If you wish you could draw start now, if you’re a writer spend some time developing characters, if you want to play an instrument or do yoga – the same applies. It doesn’t have to be boring or a slog to learn something new, it can be fun!

5. Write a letter

There’s nothing better than receiving a letter, so start by making a list of your friends and family and write a great letter to them. Ask them to write you back – snail mail is the best! We’re not kidding. It becomes an addiction, buying stickers and cute things to enclose in your mail is a massive hobby – and then you start waiting by the door for your replies.

Life definitely goes on when you don’t have internet, trust us.

By Georgia Kershaw

  • Camille Beygui

    This is such a great post



  • Laura Mareno

    After reading this post I wished I didn’t have internet! hahaha I loved it!! kisses:D


  • Naomi Young

    I agree we do need to embrace moments more and more. Great post.

    Naomi || http://nlyavenue.blogspot.co.uk

  • Ailyn Koay

    good 5. recently my friends had a net breakdown, and they played puzzles and board game instead. I think that is a good way too, for family

  • Jacinta

    love all these suggestions, especially writing a letter!


    • How amazing is that and so relaxing! Can’t even remember the last time I did that :)

  • Eugenia Bulah

    Its just so sad how stuck we are to internet. Even when I try to be useful and ‘develop skills’ and work all of it requires internet connection..But cleaning up and freshening up my place, taking a good long bath helps:))


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  • Rachel

    Love this. Life is so much better offline.

    Rachel x