The De-Stress Bucket List You Need To Try Before The End Of The Year


Everyone gets stressed out and overwhelmed, it’s normal! But we can’t overlook the importance of having fun ways to de-stress and unwind when we need to. If you let stress take over, you run the risk of developing serious health problems! Even if you don’t necessarily feel super stressed out right now, having relaxing hobbies will be great for helping you unwind and help destress you from your work week. Have a look at this bucket list to de-stress yourself and get back in the game!

1. Start with a pen and paper or a life-drawing class

Arts and crafts are not just for kids. Colouring-in books are making a come back with intricate picture books designed to keep fully-grown adults busy for hours. Scrapbooks, collages, pottery, and painting all have the same calming effect on the brain. Research shows that concentrating on meticulous tasks brings you into the moment, allowing you to switch off and slow your thoughts. The effects are similar to those of meditation. And whenever I feel stressed, I always just paint (even though I’m really not good at it). But, it really helps me unwind and forget about the stresses of the day.

2. Take a ballroom dance class

It might not be for everyone, and it certainly isn’t my type of thing. But it’s fun to go with friends and do something you usually wouldn’t do. And everyone knows that exercise is the best medicine for your worried mind, so if you don’t like working out, this is a good alternative. Research shows that ballroom dance classes make you happier than spending time in the gym. The combo of music, physical contact, concentration and social interaction make partner dancing a great de-stressor! Start a class in salsa, tango or swing and let your feet lead the way to mental clarity!

3. Start a book club

I know, for one, that I’m always moaning that I have no time to read! And I bet I’m not alone. Because when work gets a little too busy and the homelife takes over making time for my favorite past time can be a little difficult. So, why not merge friends and books together? Get together with your friends and create a book club, it’s something you’ll all be able to do together plus, it will actually make you fit in that time for reading. And you get to talk about it too! Win-win!

4. Start baking 

For me, everything to do with food should be relaxing. Even if it means ordering a takeaway and eating it in front of the TV, never let eating stress you out! But taking the time to cook from scratch can be a meditative process. Throw in a few good friends, a glass of wine and some good music and you’ve got a winning stress-fighting-combo! If you enjoy the process of cooking but hate grocery shopping, order food online or use box schemes like Hellofresh or you can start baking elaborate cakes to take into the office, join a cooking class or take a baking course!

5. Book in a laughter yoga class

Laughter is known to improve your state of mind and release endorphins. Why not try a laughter workshop. Say what? Yes, it’s a thing. Laughter yoga has been around since the 90’s and seems to really work! You all gather around in a group and force yourself to laugh. This soon becomes so incredibly ridiculous that forced laughter quickly descends into the real deal, giving you all the physical benefits. If that’s a bit wacky for you, head to the local comedy club or join an improv group.


Try one of these 5 fun ways to de-stress and tell us what hobbies you do to help de-stress? Let us know in the comments below… 


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  1. I NEED THIS! Thanks, I’m gonna try some of these. Tbh I thought de-stressing would be all about long baths and spa breaks, but actually the more activities you do – the less stressed you’ll be. Sitting in a hot bubble bath is lovely but it doesn’t clear my mind.

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