Relax Your Mind: 5 Creative Ways To Beat Stress And Anxiety


Stress is a normal part of everyday modern life. But our reactions to it are what make all the difference. Don’t let stress get on top of you, instead, you should look for fun ways to relieve stress. This will help you accept that stress is a part of everyday life and learn to let go of negativity.

Recently, I’ve learned that the best way to beat stress is to put your brain into ‘focus mode’. Turn your attention to something other than stress. It’s almost like a modern form of meditation. The easiest way to do that is to start a hobby that forces your brain to tune in to only one thing. I think the best way to pick up a skill that stills your mind is to sign up to one of the thousands of courses available online with Skillshare.

Skillshare is also giving CGD readers three months of Premium Membership for just $0.99. So you can learn new things every month for less than the price of a cup of coffee!


Look at life through a lens

Even if you’re not a creative-minded person, picking up a creative hobby is a must. Doing something creative has the same effect as meditating or engaging in mindfulness. It forces your brain to focus on one thing only and helps you step away from the stresses of daily life.

If you have a camera, why not start by learning The Fundamentals of DSLR photography with Skillshare. Learning to take great photos is so much more than just pointing and shooting, and is a skill that can take your family photos to the next level. You can decide to do a daily challenge, shooting one little moment from your life and creating a visual gratitude journal for yourself. It’ll boost your mood and make you feel focused and relaxed.


Get your life together

I don’t know about you, but I always find I’m most stressed when I have a million to-dos and not enough time to actually tick them off. This usually happens when I’m running at a million miles per hour and am super busy. The best way to get ahead of stress is to manage your time, and to delegate for the things you’re stressing out about.

Try this productivity and attention management class on Skillshare if it’s something you struggle with too. It’ll teach you how to manage your attention and be productive, and it’ll save your life if deadlines have got you stressing out.


The easiest way to clear your mind

The benefits of writing are only just being touched on. Keeping a gratitude journal can make you feel more positive. Writing your feelings down and keeping track of your day helps clear your mind. And if you want to remember something, the best thing you can do is write it down.

I really believe that writing creatively can help you stave off stress, make you more productive and help you become more organized. I signed up for the class Creative Nonfiction: Write Truth With Style and I loved it. It’ll teach you how to take something mundane and turn it into a masterpiece. Susan is a writer for The New Yorker, so she knows how to spin a good story.

Even if you’re just writing an account of your day, the more creative you can be with it, the more stress you’ll be busting.


Get creative with color

We recently picked up a paintbrush at the CGD HQ and were pleasantly surprised at how good it made us feel. With our mood boosted, we felt like we could tackle any task thrown our way.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be super skilled to paint. Learn Modern Watercolor Techniques with this class, and you’ll be zoned out and relieving stress while you create incredible art for your home. I swear by painting for de-stressing.

Don’t forget our extra bonus to help you beat the stress and learn some creative skills: get three months of Skillshare membership for just $0.99 here.


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  1. I’ve been thinking of taking a photography class recently, but I really can’t set aside the time for a physical one at the local community college. This sounds perfect!

  2. One of my goals for this year is to practice more photography! Thanks for the tips :)

  3. This is so useful for a girl like me with severe anxiety so thank you! x

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