#Careergirlconfession: 5 Funny Facts About Your Wardrobe


It’s time to get your 2016 wardrobe nailed with this season’s IT bags and accessories, but you know you can’t really cram anything else into your wardrobe (and getting rid of anything is like losing a limb), we hear you! Every girl’s wardrobe is both their best friend and their worst nightmare, especially when you find some clothes from when you were 14 stuffed in the back of it…here are 5 funny (and totally true) facts about your wardrobe!

#1 When you need something, everything comes out.

Whether you shove it all on the bed or throw it on the floor, in those moments when you’re getting ready for an event, your wardrobe is anyone’s game, you’re pulling things out and discarding coat hangers like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately for you, there will be a tomorrow, and if you’re hungover the tidy up is even worse!

#2 There are some things in there that you just know you’ll fit back into.

You haven’t worn it for years, but you know that if you really tried, you could fit back into it. That bikini you wore when you were 16? No point in getting rid of it, you might get back into it this summer…

#3 You have more than one item that looks exactly the same.

How many pairs of blue jeans can one girl have? Never enough, it seems. Maybe for you it’s shoes or faux fur coats, there are always multiples but somehow, they never seem to satisfy.

#4 No matter how many clothes you have, there’s nothing to wear.

You know that feeling when you have somewhere to be, whether it’s a meal, a date or a party at a club, and you stick to the same outfit you wore last time you went out because you literally don’t have anything to wear. Never mind the fact your wardrobe is bursting on it’s hinges.

#5 You have those few items that you keep on show because you know they’re pretty.

If someone comes over you want them to swoon over your sparkly turtle neck and thumb the soft fabric of your faux fur coat, that’s why you put your prettiest (and most painful) shoes on show and keep the dog-eared trainers hidden.

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  • Camille Beygui

    Lovely post ! All these things are actually really true. My obsession are black booties ! I have so many of them



  • Bee Bartlett

    Great post! x


  • Lauren

    I can definitely relate to all of these. Especially having more than one thing that looks exactly the same! x


  • Sia

    It’s all about me, I can’t agree more. Love this post.
    -xx, Sia

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