5 Genius Ways To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

photo: Chronicles Of Her


It’s the season of booking holidays. We’re all back to work and already thinking about our next time off. Whether you’re in need of some winter sun or you’re more of a snow break kinda girl, we all need to board a plane and get the heck out of here sometimes.

The problem is, flying can take its toll. Sitting in one space, the air drying your skin, wanting to get up and go, jet lagged, eating snacks. It’s difficult to keep a clear head. Don’t worry, here are a few genius ways to survive a long flight.

1. Get some shut eye


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Set your phone for local time, and no matter how tired you are, only sleep when it’s an appropriate time at the place you’re traveling to. This is how you get a headstart on jet lag, you should also eat meals at the appropriate time too, to get your body ready.

Get a sleep mask, preferably one that will cancel out the lights on the plane and help with your circulation and skin. The SLIP silk sleeping mask is pure silk, won’t crease on your face and feels cool and comfortable on your eyes.

2. Keep your skin hydrated

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Dehydration happens fast on a plane. After a couple of hours your face might feel tight, the skin on your face will be dry, your lips might be chapped too. That’s just because of lack of hydration and the air conditioning. Keep your skin hydrated by taking some beauty essentials in your hand luggage. Moisturizer is great, especially while you sleep, but for a quick spritz of hydration, a water spray will do the job.

Caudalie Grape Water increases hydration by +127 percent. It’s fast and perfect for on a long haul flight.

3. Move around

Most airlines recommend you do light stretches and a bit of a walk every five-ten minutes. This’ll help prevent deep vein thrombosis, aching legs and pain in your back from sitting for too long. Get up and walk along the aisle or start moving your legs and ankles and start doing some light yoga while you sit. You’ll feel much better if you focus on getting your blood flowing.

4. Be careful with your food choices

Staying healthy on a plane is hard. There’s usually a trolley filled with snacks, and a meal you might not get much choice over. Some research suggests that carbs help beat jet lag. Make your food choices count, you might be on holiday, but if you want to get off the plane with a spring in your step choose smart foods.

If you need to know what to add for a relaxing flight, try a few bananas. Bananas are full of serotonin and magnesium, that helps to relax muscles and trigger sleepiness. Avoid sweets and too much caffeine. Try to drink green tea if you can get your hands on it. You might be able to bring tea bags with you and ask for a cup of hot water.

5. Try meditation and mindfulness

To have the most stress-free flight, you should try some meditation before bed. Noise-cancelling headphones will help. You can use the app Headspace if you need guided meditation. If you’re a nervous flier it will help!

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