5 Goals Every Woman Should Set Herself In 2022


2022 has been a crazy year. Isn’t that the understatement of the century? But finally, the dust is lifting on the year and it’s time to think about what you want for 2022. When the promise of normality is on the horizon, it’s extremely important to set goals that are realistic and smash them. 

This is a golden opportunity to think ahead about your goals for next year. Never before have we all faced such a crappy year – and with the promise that it’s only going up from here, it’s time to reflect and take a moment to think about the goals you’re going to smash. 


If you want to achieve anything, you need to become more disciplined. That means you need to start giving yourself strict deadlines and sticking to them. The best way to do that is to plan ahead, you can use our range of 2022 Diaries to structure your days, weeks, and months.

Start with the monthly overview and mark all your important dates and deadlines, that’s often not enough for keeping you on track though, which is why the in-depth daily overviews will help you remember to stick to those deadlines and plan your day hour by hour. This is one of those 2022 goals ideas that make sense, don’t set resolutions for yourself that you can’t achieve!


Next year should all be about seeing the world as often as you possibly can. Not being allowed to go anywhere this year means that 2022 should be the year you expand your horizons. 

You don’t need to travel far, you can travel to places you’d never thought of visiting and still have your mind blown. Grow and develop into a more well-rounded person by seeing different perspectives. Travel not only broadens the mind, but it’ll also help you to relax, unwind, and see more of the world than you thought possible. Why not use your next weekend to visit the next town over or go on a train journey?


Whatever your dream might be, this is the time to follow it. Whether it’s starting a business, learning a skill, putting on a show, follow it, and commit yourself to it fully.

You can easily do this if you make a plan for 2022 and decide to put yourself first. You can use any of our Agendas to build a plan that supports your dreams. Customize it to suit exactly what you want to achieve, add 2021 inserts, memos, meal plans, anything you need to support you so that you can spend time following the dreams you want to achieve in 2022.


Croc 2022 Diary


Getting Stuff Done Planner


CLassic Croc Agenda



This year probably caused you to take a long hard look at what’s important. Your health and happiness are so important, feeling like you’ve achieved something and are smashing your goals is great – but your friends and family and your health and happiness should never take a back seat. That’s why it’s time to make 2022 the year of boundaries and creating a healthy work/life balance.

Our range of Daily Planners are designed to help you combine your busy to-do list with self-care. Track everything from the meals you eat to the water you drink, your budget, shopping list, self-care, and more while you work on smashing all your goals.


This year has been a difficult one financially, and having money saved away is great when things are uncertain. Use the Give Yourself Credit journal to work critically through your bank statements and make a plan for the future that means you’ve got more than enough saved for a rainy day.

Make a commitment to yourself and stick to your budget. You’ll be surprised at what can happen when you commit to it for even just a few months of the year and will be able to treat yourself with what you truly want once the year is over.


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